laughs and cries

il y a
1 min

Soyez les bienvenus dans mon multivers! Si le hasard vous guide jusqu'ici, peut-être trouveriez-vous quelque chose qui ne vous soit pas indifférent  [+]

This is a poem without rimes I wrote and sent to some friends before I quit Poitiers two years ago. It talks about happy times spending with them, youngs and olds. Unforgottable and marvellous memories and pictures.


Laughs and cries gone into skies
Innocent tiny hands trying to hide true smiles
Beautiful blue eyes on such pretty faces
Something tells me not to quit this place
Too far away, so far away

Good taste on my tongue
Happy meal with musical tone
Many jokes on the table
Why do I have to quit such a place
Too far away, so far away?

Hopes and wishes never die
Because laughs and cries remain in skies
Rainy nights will let them free again
Because world is too tiny, so tiny
That finally I am not too far, not so far away.

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