Il y a des jours.

il y a
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De nouvelles œuvres ici et un petit ménage de printemps pour tenter de proposer le meilleur ! Il y a même des textes à poursuivre ! Bonne journée ! Je ne fais pas dans l'Excellence, je vous  [+]

What's the point of living if you only live halfway?
If it takes years to find a job,
That this one at last, we can keep?
Why spoil The Youth,
Why break my generation?
There is no work.
I wonder why I get up in the morning.
To read ads that never fit me
And don't rhyme with anything.

What's the point of living in these conditions?
Like the alienated sheep of a society?
I don't want to live like this,
Depriving myself of everything in order to survive with difficulty,
To see some do better, because their parents,
Have paid for them and long.

There are days when I wonder why I live.
There are days when I'm desperate for life.
The life that watches me give up,
Because I have made too many efforts,
Which never ended up properly.

There are days when I'm tired, exhausted
From this world where everything is phony,
History of qualifications and money.

Take the gun off the shelf and shoot me.
I don't even have the strength to do it anymore.

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