My soul is speaking today.

il y a
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Bonjour à tous, Je travaille sur un projet de garder certains textes impersonnels, pour les coller dans un recueil de Poésie, alors publié.  [+]

I never write in english.
I was from my Land,
Totaly Banished.

I never write in English
Cause I dislike England.
As I never accept to be different.

My Land, this Land is free and..

I came from...

- By differents ways...
From my face to my origin.-

... Scotland.
...South Africa
... Germany

... Motorbike in my blood !

And sport drugs in my Life

Since many years...

And it's write in my skin.

As I was children and Homeless,
It was my blond air and my face,
Alone with the mirror,
I was looking for changing it.
A girl with no place. 

I don't know from where I come.
I just know who I am.
Perhaps is it true ?  

But my heart know
The taste of Love,
The taste of Freedom,

I love horsing and I miss them.

In my heart,
I come from Nowhere,
But nowhere or everywhere...

What's the difference ?


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