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Bonjour, je suis un écrivain en herbe étudiant de Grenoble de 18 ans. J'espère un jour pouvoir devenir un auteu  [+]

The time has come,
He came and now is gone,
The time of our miserable life,
The beauty of this world has disappeared,
Knocking on the Heaven's door,
Is the only solution of salvation.

It's too late to think about living,
The body is slowly destroying himself,
He starts collapsing,
The hairs starts falling down,
The body become pale,
The lips becomes red,
Stained of the blood spitted,
The breath becomes heavily,
The heart burns of pain,
It slowly stops to beat,
It slowly stops loving the people
That you used to love,
You only want to be let alone,
All this people only there for your legacy,
Who wants what you wear,
Where  you live,
Your car,
Your money,
Your furnitures.
You only want to be alone so the goodbye,
Will not be brutal.
You don't want them to remember you,
Agonising on your bed,
While everyone is watching you crying near your bed,
Like a beast watched at the zoo.
You don't want them remembering you having pain...

But nothing saves you...
Not even the chemotherapy...
You have no chances against this monster,

You can't escape from it...
You can't kill it....
You can't talk to him,
You only can retard it...
And wait for your Grim Reaper
To come and take off the burden,
Of your young years,
Of your crying family,
Of the suffering,
Of the pain,
Of all the tears that rolled down your cheeks like rain drops falling from the sky...
This place that you will meet soon....
You will die...
On your bed...
Covered of blood....
Your lips redder than ever,
Your face pale,
Your body who was shaking crazily until a bit ago doesn't move anymore...
The only sound is the crying family,
Who watches the dead body...
They still can't believe it....
The time has gone so fast...
The death came really fast...
The time has stopped for you,
Everything is freezing and in pause.
The end is close...

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"The future is uncertain and the end is always near ".