il y a
1 min
Writing your name in the snow
Thousand miles away from your eyes
Hidden, half buried secret,
For everybody to see, to witness
One last peak at my fall
One last token of my ruin

Then, I swear, I'll stop
Stop dwelling on this agony of a fantasy
Stop hoping for tomorrows that won't come

I'll lay upon the clear snow
Wrapp 'round this purest shrowd
And freeze my feelins away
I swear I will

But for now, I'll just write your name in the snow
Away from your eyes
Away from all the lies
And let the wind carry the snowflakes up and away
Across the blue, blue sky

So that in a thousand winters
When it's cold outside
And you're warm inside
Staring at the snowflakes
You'll see, you'll see
That far away and forever you were loved

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