And so what???

il y a
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I want to be a butterfly
And fly
I want to be me
Not a mummy
Why should I stress if I don't wear your dress

It won't make me
Or incapable

You think I'm naughty
I think I'm funny

You think I'm ugly
I think I'm pretty

You think I'm crazy
I think I'm happy

I believe in me and that's what counts

You can try anything you want to hurt me make fun of me
Treat me like waste
There is something you'll never take
It's my freedom of thought
This can't be bought

I can be who I decide to be
I can be a funny barber
A hardworking gardener
A well known lawyer

I can choose my destiny
Because impossible is not me

is an option
Doesn't mean not able
You must not feel unlucky
if you have a disability
It's a challenge
You just have to find your balance
And use your talent
Black, White, Christians ,tall ,short ,curled hairs ,straight hairs
I'm different
You're different
One day a wise person said that shouldn't be afraid to be different but that should be afraid to the same as anyone else

At the end of the day I am different
You are different
She is different
We are all different
And so what?......

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