An Ode to the Roses

il y a
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Poésie...poésie...poésie! @Rita Solis Radius  [+]

Once a day,
There was a crazy
Bunch of flowers
Layed on the piano partition...

It was a sumptuous
Bouquet of white-off roses,
Sparkling the Romanticism in life!

Once another day,
There were some flowers
Full of delicateness, humility
And Beauty of life...

It is still a splendid
Bouquet of pink irises,
Evoking the Sweetness of life!

Flowers improve Love feelings
So, let live of pure Love!

Roses do strenghten friendly relationships
So, let experience sincere friendships!

Other flowers like peonies
Do appeal sumptuous ideas
For a romantic life!

So, let us all be free artists,
Living our life

Once always,
There will be
Crazily sumptuous roses,
To enjoy life!!

©Rita Solis Radius. July 7th 2020. Poem AN ODE TO THE ROSES.
Original text. All rights reserved.

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