Victim of a theft crime

il y a
1 min
At exactly 16:45 , I was victimized in a theft crime. It was a hard experience to go through. I felt helpless, hopeless and lonely. I didn't want to give up but i couldn't help it. I lost my computer, my phone, my money but mostly faith in humanity. I always thought people are good and thoses who do bad things are just lost but it seems now that i got it all wrong. Hearing about events like this make you know how bad it is, seing them makes you want to change people and react to that but being the victim and experiencing it makes you feel hopeless. Let me tell you what really happenned. I finished my change management course and rushed to the train station. There wad no cab so I took the bus, no more than 100 meters separates the bus's station and the train station. As I'm Walking, he came from nowhere, a young man who looks like any other guy in the 20's. He didn't look bad but he was. He grabbed my bag and started pushing it and saying:"let it go or I'll rip your face off". At that right moment, I don't know how it happenned but I thought of two things: my parents and my school, i felt like if i let go i would be letting down both of them. So, I didn't, i kept pulling my bag and he kept pushing so hard that I fell down to the ground and still he kept pushing and i was pulled like a piece of paper until i fell into the stairs of an abondoned tunnel and i just let go. Above all this, three cars went near me besides some men but none stopped, they just watched until he went away and then came to help. However, there was this girl who was riding a motorcycle. She was ready to hit him with her motorcycle in order to help and that i appreciate it. This kind of events happen everyday in Morocco but all what people say is : "it's faith". maybe it is maybe it's not but there is one thing i know: we can stop it if we start thinking that that person's problem is not just hers or his, it is OURS and we should do something about it otherwise who would be next, your doughter, yout wife, your sister, your mother or you.

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