Eyem England 1666.

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During the plague epidemic my sisters and I comforted the sick trying to help the best. Our entire village had quarantined themselves, encircling us with stones not to be crossed, the priest had even blessed them. Edem, Jean and I were the assistants to the only doctor. He gave us the most terrible and difficult tasks, the hardest and certainly to put the corpses from the cartiots, leading them to their collective graves.
It was hard for us to see so many deaths without really being able to help them. My sisters and I are death assistants in these days. We wanted to help at best but it was very complicated, we had very little medication and we lack hours in hours, the dead increase and the sick also without being able to treat any.
The most affected in the first places were the weakest children, seeing them agonized was perhaps the worst in all this, their sufferings, pains were being transparet. Seeing them dead was a relief.
Doctor Sollice was courageous and did everything he could to ensure that his people would suffer as little as possible. In spite of the dying cries of the sick my sisters managed to fall asleep, which was not my case. I went to see the sick during the most arduous and least atrocious nights.
I didn’t want them to feel alone or abandoned. Weeks passed and almost no sick people were here yet. My sisters felt weak for a day, they had to rest for two days. So I got their chores. To have to wash these people while he was dying was awful, when a sick man spoke to me to say these last words I could only listen, he spoke to me about his family and those children who had already died long before all this, that he loves them so much, and that his last thought would be their faces.
He died on a stormy and cold night, even though it was still cold. On that same night I wondered if our parents had seen our faces to my sisters and me before giving up their last breaths without having an answer of course... The days after my two young sisters had the symptoms in their turn I was so sad to see them so weak they both fought for life. In vain, I accompanied him to their deaths. Doctor Sollice followed their paths and died soon after. The village became inert and lifeless forever remained in sacrifice for the good of all.

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