Empowerment of the less privileged: GFDLP CEO wants people with disabilities exempted from taxes

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The Chief Executive Officer of the Buea-based Non-for-profit organization, Global Forum for the Defense of the Less privileged, GFDLP, Akoh Baudouin Ngah has issued a clarion call on the government of Cameroon to exonerate people with disabilities from paying taxes when they want to establish their own business.

According to the CEO, one of the main reasons which often push disabled people into begging is the fact that before they set up a business venture, tax collectors come clamping on them.

While applauding the fact that the ministry of social affairs ensures that the physically challenged benefit from certain tax reductions, he maintained that by exempted them from paying business taxes the handicapped will be able to establish their own businesses.

He was speaking last week at their Buea-based headquarters during a meeting that grouped officials of the South West regional delegation of Social Affairs and some associations of the less privileged.

Addressing attendees, Akoh Baudouin Ngah revealed that they in collaboration with the Mayor of the Buea council whom he described as a veritable partner for development, they were going to see into it that the less privileged are given special opportunities so as to enable them to fend for themselves.

“Our focus is first and foremost to group those living with disabilities in Buea sub division into groups and we orientate them before empowering them economically. As at now we are already working with the Lyvitah handicap group of Bonakanda village and we are assisting them first to get disability cards so as to make them eligible to benefit from governments assistance in accordance with the 2010 law, ” he told the visiting delegation.

Speaking, John Njango Luma of the regional delegation of social affairs started by highlighting some efforts taken by the government to assist the less privileged. But he acknowledged the fact much is left undone to render them comfortable.

He, however, maintained that disability should never imply inability he applauded the executives of GFDLP for mobilizing the disabled in Buea and empowering them. Promising to table their demands to hierarchy, he called on the physically challenged to challenge themselves and do something in their society.

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