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To embrace hellish desire, I will cast the die to the infernal fires of ambition. I either will make friends with death to become the devil you will fear. There are unforgiveable sins you will come to... [+]

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Once upon a time, there was a train that led to the end of the world. It did not literally travel forth to the edge of the earth and tip over the edge, but it seemed as if it did. The world as I knew ... [+]

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The streets of London were filled with bustling characters, lost in their own thought as they went along the narrow sidewalks.
An upper class economist was handed his usual stone black coffee. He ... [+]

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Colour is not prose or poetry. It is the essence of humanity. To simple-minded men, lacking any ounce of creativity, the thousand shades of colour are impossible to describe in words. A visual thinker... [+]

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