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Adulterous decision

It was the day of their Anniversary, a hot and humid 15th of July.
'Five years of marriage.', thought Ethan as he stood at the foot of the bed,
watching Lucy slip on her summer dress.
His blood... [+]

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Intergalactic Anomaly

Captain Abromovich, breathed heavily, steaming the inside of his helmet as the spacial MIST crept closer. The final routine maintenance outside of his interstellar craft was underway before it's... [+]

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Broken dreams

He smiled at her as they sat on the picnic blanket.
He wanted to stay here forever, induced in his lucid chimera.
He watched as she took a bite of her sandwich delicately.
A visual glitch and the... [+]

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Failed justice

Three days on the run the Marshall,
found him dashing into the woods.
He pointed his rifle.
"STOP. hands on your head."
"It wasn't me, I can prove it."
Reaching inside his pocket.
The Marshall... [+]

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"Blood in, blood out." Said, 'MACKTEN.'
Leader of the HIGH EIGHT CREW,
handing his gun to the prospect.
His mission was to whack one of the,
Instead he turned the gun on the... [+]

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Life invaders

Without choice, Sergey abramovich, released the escape hatch.
Something had taken control of, 'ABIOGENESIS.'
Killing two of his crew.
He lunged forward into the spacial abyss,
With oxygen fo... [+]

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End of the Superheroes

The giant, NUKEATRON, piercing through the clouds,
crashed down beside the FEROCIOUS THREE.
His mission, total annihilation.
Their mission, save the planet.
NUKEATRON, spoke in Sumerian.
"This... [+]

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The Emperor of Time

With a blinding flash, the emperor drew his mystical time sword
And slashed into the space time continuum.
“It’s time to leave,” he said to his faithful assistant, with sadness.
Stepping into... [+]

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tales of charybdis

moonlight spilled upon the stern of
mary's wish
captain dimitri night 27
cold hungry alone
chasing the leviathon
rumours have spread about it sinking many
a schooner.
his line clicked then... [+]

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Two years since his daughter's death
Dr. Edward Lowe, (Human Emotion Robotics.)
Finally finished the controversial,
cognitive cyborg prototype.
Combining human brain with machine.
He switched... [+]

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Visits in the fall

Autumnal equinox.
Pegasus marked the autumn skies.
Billy put away his telescope,
got into bed, covers gripped.
Last autumn, his friend Joe died in his sleep.
He watched that night as the... [+]

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A Slip In Time

He awoke once again 7.59am.
One minute before his alarm clock sounded. His own body clock woke him up once more. Switching the alarm before it sounded, he stretched yawned and threw back the covers... [+]

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A sweltering hot July, to the west of 'Groom Lake Nevada.' At the Buring science and technology facility. Dr Allen Buring turned the dial to One thousand Electrorays. Three hundred more than the... [+]