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Who the heck is Bob Kinsloe of & do you really want to know? Anyway…I’m a self-unemployed humorist, aka smart ass, chronicling my first hand experiences, philosophical musings, cultural observations & psychological insights about the world as I know it. All written to make you laugh, think, cry and/or piss you off. I hope you enjoy my irreverent, satirical prose.


Ca devient personnelle, My coloscopie Journey

J'ai décidé de partager cet événement très personnel dans ma vie avec vous tous. Il est un voyage éducatif de la procédure coloscopie Je suis sur le point d'avoir afin de mieux faire connaître... [+]


It's Getting Personal, My Colonoscopy Journey

Part I - It Begins
I have decided to share this very personal event in my life with all of you. It’s an educational journey of the colonoscopy procedure I’m about to have in order to raise... [+]