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Benjamin Hobbes

Très très courts


The wind whips my hair across my eyes and subtly reminds me I need to get it cut before seeing another RA. Id have to ask john about that since Andrew was out of town for the weekend. I am standing... [+]

Très très courts

Short Story

It was a dry, dusty day in the town of Bangul. The local watering hole was filled with familiar faces, some from town, some from way out it in the boondocks.
They were all here for the same... [+]

Très très courts


Jay grabbed his backpack and ran through the kichen door. Just as
he was about to hop on his bike, he smacked his forhead, "lunch!" He
hurriedly searched through the fridge for something to take... [+]

Très très courts


I was born in a little village called Hopetown on the planet Ennth. It was a happy childhood, I guess. Ennth was a nice planet, besides the fact that the occupants had to completely evacuate it... [+]

Très très courts


I opened my eyes and noticed immediately I was unable to move. I didn’t know why, my muscles burned every time I tried. My surroundings were dark, except for twelve flames that seemed to be... [+]

Très très courts


It was my first real interview ever. Jiffy Lubes, just down the street. They had a nice manager, Jim was his name.
I introduced myself and started making small talk.
Pretty soon he told me... [+]



Sweat ran down his back in rivulets. Situations like this always made him sweat.
He chanced another glance behind him. No one in sight. He faced ahead again and tightened his grip on the gun... [+]


There's a Hand

There, in the darkness of life, stretching through much toil and strife,
is a Hand of infinite grace, reaching with a loving... [+]


The Vessel

The billows blow, the flames they roar,
The shadow grows, on the stone-cold floor!
The hammer falls, the metal bends,
The... [+]


Shores of Life

As I walk down the shore, I seem to leave more and more,
Footprints in the sand; useless, tho’ I try hard as I can.
The rain... [+]


Moving On

I once wrote a tribute that was for my mother,
but this poems not for her, it is for some others.
These woman are all unique... [+]


Heart Song

There once was nothing, and then came something,
brought into being by the mouth of my Lord.
We are creatures, of the... [+]