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purple nebulousstaining skinmemory of a painunrememberedcapillaries dispersebreadth of a grapefruitbitter at the... [+]



i am novelgilded edgeswearing thinpry me openpeer insidebend mymildewed leaveswith your compassionsoftened... [+]

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The Storm

He invited me to walk in the wind. My silk scarf whipped upwards like a pair of wings. Strong gusts swept into that secret, wild place in my heart and every sense awakened. Soon rain began falling... [+]

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Notes from Bishnupur

A white bull grazes from a large, lush rectangle of grass in the courtyard. A groundsman shoos the cow along. They play a cartoonish herding game through the manicured maze as if it had been played a... [+]

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Relish in the Unexpected

I saw the moon rise behind the Sangre de Cristo mountains, completely by accident. It was fat and nearly full and brought tears to my eyes. This entire day has been a series of exceptional events. It... [+]

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A Dream

Last night I dreamed that I had lost something. I climbed down, waist-deep into a murky pond, dredging the bottom with fingers and toes scouring through the muck. I couldn’t remember what it was I... [+]