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Allison Midgett, ago

How does one god kill another? I contemplate this as I sit perched on my web, tucked beneath the shadow of the birdbath. He makes his rounds, scrupulously inspecting each row of tulips before ... [+]

PSU New beginnings
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His halting breath echoed in the abandoned warehouse. A glance over his shoulder. No one. He began running again, soaked in sweat, in the middle of the former factory. Not a single machine, not a ... [+]

Finalist - Jury Selection
Court et Noir 2018
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A bellowed order wakes me with a start: “Get up!”

All around me, there’s movement in every direction. Shouts fill the space and bounce off the moldy walls. The other ... [+]

Finalist - Community Selection
La Matinale des Lycéens 2017 - Très Très court
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A Haven of Peace

Elodie Torrente, ago

“You really need to give yourself a total break, my dear. Why not try the sea spa at Trouville? It would be perfect for you. They do thalassotherapy, there’s a spa and a Michelin restaurant”. ... [+]

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Dorian Blake

Bruno Teyrac, ago

Dorian Blake loved women and he was loved by them, passionately, madly... He was so attractive with his gray-blue eyes that would make a frigate keel over, his demeanour that was both virile and ... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Grand Prix Printemps 2017
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J Is for Jane...

Jak Baron, ago

4 April 189...

The Devil take Jack the Ripper! His bloody exploits have taken over all the newspapers in London. My meticulous inquiry into the pawnbrokers of Soho has gone ... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Grand Prix Eté 2017