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Sarnier, ago

Bag over my shoulder, I turn around once more at the threshold of the crevice: this cave was my last abode. Giving it up is hard, but I don't have time to feel sad: the tide of mist crawls at my ... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Imaginarius 2017
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There was an old painting in my grandparents' attic. Neither beautiful nor ugly, it simply depicted an empty room with no figures, an old living room with an armchair, library, and fireplace. ... [+]

Finalist - Jury Selection
La Matinale en cavale 5ème édition - Très très courts
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The stallion pounded the ground with its hooves in a wild gallop, its horsewoman leaning over its neck. With no saddle or bit, the mount flew free, its mane in the wind.
Nighttime enveloped the ... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Prix Saint-Valentin 2018 - Très très court
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Elena Lmr, ago

After the summer of the piano on the cliff, after meeting Lena and the others, Marius had never really come back to us. In the following years, my brother detached himself, his face turned towards ... [+]