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No Problem!

Thimul, ago

We’d been walking for two hours and I had had my fill.
All four of us were advancing in single file and we had not stopped climbing. At the beginning I had put myself second in the line, just... [+]

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Lecture Hall B

Akely, ago

I listen absent-mindedly to the radio reading out the various signs of the zodiac and the ‘predictions’ associated with them. That’s a real girly thing, thinking that such and such a planet ... [+]

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“I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day. First because it’s an English invention and I hate the English. And second because recently it’s become a Halloween-style sort of thing, just a ... [+]

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Veranda, ago

I don’t know her name, but she is really pretty. She rides across the campsite on her bike without ever giving me a glance, with her brother and her Mum and Dad. Well, of course, they’re ... [+]

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Who knows?

BrettyG, ago

“Single girl, prepare to meet the great love of your life under the sign of water, surrounded by red, protected by the number 3 and charged with the energy of the obsidian stone.”
The ... [+]

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They were my neighbours on the other side of the road. People called them ‘the Siamese twins’.
According to local legend, they had been married for seventy years. No-one had ever seen one ... [+]

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4 April 189...

The Devil take Jack the Ripper! His bloody exploits have taken over all the newspapers in London. My meticulous enquiry into the pawnbrokers of Soho has gone ... [+]

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Diorite, ago

That’s what life’s like, you don’t really make choices. The whole thing terrified me but I loved her. Mathilde adored canyoning, she spent her Sundays and holidays roped up, climbing the ... [+]

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How did they first meet? It was by the revolving door, on the beach side. It was like a scene straight out of a Lelouch film. As a person who hums shoobedoobedoo every time I come into our dear ... [+]

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Minty elevator

Nicolas Juliam, ago

Eyes gluey, brain clogged up. As usual I get into the lift with my head down, on auto-pilot. But today is different because her scent is in here. And she’s here too. In a moment of panic I turn ... [+]