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“The baseboards can always be painted over.”
The sentence played over and over again in Margot’s head. A seemingly innocent comment, spoken in an undertone on the front steps by... [+]

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Justine and Margie had decided to take the lead in the revolt. They were discussing in muttered tones in their little brother Charlie’s room. As he was only two years old, he would not be ... [+]

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If anyone had ever told me that one day I would miss going to the beautician’s, that at certain times of the month I would no longer put sugar in my coffee, that I would be terrified at the idea... [+]

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They called me that night.
And they told me.
I don’t like being called at night, it brings back too many bad memories,
of gloomy light, emitted by neon lamps even colder than the bodies ... [+]

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No Problem!

Thimul, ago

We’d been walking for two hours and I had had my fill.
All four of us were advancing in single file and we had not stopped climbing. At the beginning I had put myself second in the line, just ... [+]

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What the devil was she doing in this nightmare of a place?!
No doubt that was what people were saying as they watched me climbing up Mount Sinai. And they were right, after all, what the devil was ... [+]

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Vertical Mile

Alex Des, ago

Do I have to tell him? I think I have to tell him. I tell him, I have to.

“There’s something I have to tell you: I can’t shout.”
“I beg your pardon?”
“I can’t shout. ... [+]

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I watch her running. She is fast, slender, distinguished even. I love watching her running. I come to all her training sessions. Every time I do, she raises her eyes to the heavens and tells me that I... [+]

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The old plane whirls upwards in the morning fresh air to reach jump altitude. A quarter of an hour earlier we left the ground, a meadow smelling of morning dew, and now here I am lined up with the ... [+]

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There are about sixty teenagers gathered in the main square for the 10K race. They are all wearing different colored bibs according to the charities they represent. Adam has met up with Martin and ... [+]