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Elise finally succumbed to exhaustion just as the plane was circling Schiphol Airport. She was flying from New York to Amsterdam to visit an aging uncle. Elise had never left the U.S. before, had ... [+]

By Short Édition
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He is always here. No one can see him. Even I can’t see him; but I know he is there. I can feel him. The presence floats around me like a soap bubble that will never pop. Sometimes when I stand ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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MCHayes, ago

The yells for creations surround Yoshi as he learns the little things. He observes the chef chopping the onions, the silky folds falling from the orb, his fingers wandering down the length of the ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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After my mind fully communicated my whereabouts to my eyes, I immediately realized that I didn’t want to be here. I quickly shut my eyes in hopes of catching another glimpse of that blissful dream. ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Tye, ago

The lights, the cameras, the crowd---the vibrations below his feet, they were what he loved---lived for. His loved ones, he could recall, asked why he chose to do what he did.

Why sing? ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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A Birds Cry

Shanee, ago

She didn’t want to do it anymore. Her breaths were coming out ragged and sharp, and her throat was extremely dry. She could feel the cold wrapping around her, like a large hand trying to choke her, ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Here I am at this Face Your Fears Event about to do something I've never been able to do. My mind took me back to that unforgettable day.

I entered a stall in the girls' bathroom. Assured ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Nicholas jerked his head up at the sound, the word ‘hypothesis’ left unfinished on his paper.

His grip on his pencil tightened.

He hated blood. And he ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Being a cat isn’t easy during these times, especially when there are humans around.
I remember the day I first rescued my human. I don’t remember anything about my real family, my mother and ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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It was raining when I left. The heat drained from my cheeks and I welcomed the drench, pairing with my shame the way only rain can. As I walked home, the shame remained, but it folded in on itself... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Lightning lit up the darkness, a mother cat carrying her baby in her jaws scurried across the wet road. Once she made it to the other side she had to put the baby down. The kitten cried when her ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018