Let Them Color Outside the Square!

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My interview with Princess Karina Bagration published on Le Petit Journal de New York on three parts: https://lepetitjournal.com/new-york/la-princesse-karina-bagration-coeur-ouvert-13-290945  [+]

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When I try to give free rein to my imagination to figure out what an idealistic world would look like for me, I surprise myself having the following recurring dream:

That all the children of America and of the globe may have an easy access to simplified philosophical books by Spinoza, Descartes, Montesquieu, Epicure, Kristeva, Voltaire and alive thinkers that convey human values serving to bring people together instead of dividing them. That freedom to challenge may become one of their most absolute rights.

That all the children of America and around the globe may be taken by the hand and guided towards the fruition of their dreams, the big as well as the small ones. That they could grow up together, learning to disregard their dissimilarities, whatever they might be.

That all educational establishments of America and around the globe could work, genuinely, in a quality education, conducive to inter-community, inter-religious and interracial living-together. An education that will dare, at long last, to shout haro on socio-economic barriers of all kinds.

That all offspring of America and around the globe, but also each and every grown-up person, will deduct, one day, that each and every one of us is part of the same human family, whatever their differences could ever be.

That every child in America and around the globe could be allowed to color outside the square, think outside the box and discuss the teacher's corrections. To assume being an indomitable rebel in a world full of yes-men.

And, in the long run, that children of America and around the globe could have the right to choose the future they dream of by themselves and not by adults who have only succeeded in putting the world down and are still contributing to the dumbing down of the mankind.

So, let them color outside the square. Let's not limit their creativity as our forefathers limited ours during millennia.


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