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Five more minutes to go. I tapped my fingers vigorously against the right side of my leg as I anticipated the resounding ding of the school bell. I was focused on one thing, and it wasn’t Mr. Truff’s lesson on photosynthetic processes.

Four minutes to go. Yes! That’s one minute closer to lunch break. I always look forward to going to my locker during break. See- my locker is connected to Aaron Palmer’s. And, Aaron Palmer is the man of my dreams. I’ve never spoken to Aaron, but that will change today: I hope.

Two down, three to go. I haven’t yet decided what I’m going to say to him, but I’m sure something will come to me. Well...actually, I think I should think of something. Maybe I’ll compliment his jacket. “Hey, Aaron. I love that jacket; that emerald green button up jacket with the silk sleeves. It sure does make your domineering hazel eyes pop...” On second thought, perhaps not. But, what will I say. What if I do something gross, like burp or spit? Holy crap, what will I say?

Okay, calm down; I’ve got two minutes. I’ll just play it safe and cool. Just say “Hi”. Or, don’t speak at all. I’ll wave, however, if he isn’t looking my way, he won’t see me. This might not be the day to speak. Ugh, why do I have to be this way?

We’re rounding the final minute. I look to my left and notice my classmate staring at me. I make a puzzled expression, and she points to my leg in response. I hadn’t realized that my leg had been intensely quacking for the past two minutes. Was I that nervous? You know what, I’ve been waiting for this moment for over half of the school year. I’m determined, more than ever, to complete this goal. It’s not as hard as I’ve been making it. I talk to people all of the time. This is my moment to do it.

The clamorous bell for lunch dinged three times as usual. I stood up and proceeded out of the classroom and toward my locker as usual. I grabbed my lunch bag from the slightly unhinged hook and closed my door as usual. Today, Aaron surprised me. “Hey, I like your lunch bag”, he spoke first. I gazed up into those eyes. I opened my mouth, prepared to reply, then I froze. For a solid ten seconds I stood, dumbfounded, with my mouth wide open, in front of my crush. “Speak, girl, speak. This is my chance.”

“Hi. Your zipper is undone.”

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Alain Olivier · ago
Yes, weoften are like this when we are young and loving too much, I guess an horrible end and it was, so funny (I'm french, English not top but il's a great way to learn)