The Kitchen Knife

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The most unpleasant experience in the world is being in the dishwasher because it feels like I am drowning.

The second most unpleasant experience in the world is being crammed in with all the forks and spoons. They’re too bendy and I can’t lie flat without making everyone upset at me.

My favorite thing to do is to slice through a piece of perfectly cooked meat. The greatest moment I have ever experienced is when I was alone on a counter for 72 hours and then helped someone eat a delicious pot roast she had cooked all by herself.

Sometimes, when someone picks me up and holds me to the light, I become a crystal chandelier. In reality I am made of stainless steel and there is nothing wrong with that. But in my duller moments I feel as worthless as tin.

The way I glint makes me feel attractive and useful. The icy sharpness of my point scares even me sometimes.

I do not know where I came from or where I will go when I’m finished. For now, I can only lie back and enjoy the cool darkness, waiting for the light to make me shine.

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