The Farmhouse Remembers

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Working on my first novel, Blue Cathedral. In the meantime, poetry. First collection on its way  [+]

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The spiders have made
their homes
above the chandelier.
We do not turn up the lights.
Sunlight enters through the window.
The wood-stove warms the kitchen.

Upstairs someone is singing
and downstairs the mandolin on its stand
and the upright bass and the eighth-size violin
hum a harmony just below
human hearing.
These walls hold every song.


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Image of Debbie Harper
Debbie Harper · ago
Love it! May the Lord bless your work!
Image of John Goslin
John Goslin · ago
Jessie, you’re creative mind has always amazed me from the time you were a little girl. I look forward to reading more of your work.
Image of Donna Kocka
Image of Wayne O'Brien
Wayne O'Brien · ago
Very poignant. very 'atmospheric'. Makes you want to go there. You've done it.
Image of Hannah Mace
Hannah Mace · ago
Lovely poem! Keep up the good work!
Image of Randy Riffle
Randy Riffle · ago
This is a vibe! Hope you win
Image of Noah Hebert
Image of Bianca Bowman
Bianca Bowman · ago
Amazing Jessie! Good luck :)
Image of Aria Austin
Aria Austin · ago
Lovely as always. Good luck wrc buddy :)
Image of Miriam Gildea
Miriam Gildea · ago
Awesome Jess!!! Also— is that about the Hicken’s? ... the mandolin and the upright bass...
Image of Jessie Urgo