Flying Fire

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Runner up
To experience a Southern, Summer Night
Is really quite a treat
From the crickets, to trees, to stars
It is really something neat

But by far the most amazing things
Come right when the sun is falling
Before the dark and thick night
Before sleep starts calling

These things take off at dusk
And start to perform
Filling the woods with dots of yellow
Creating a most friendly and magical swarm

Where are they during the day?
I truly do not know.
All I know
Is at night I am so very grateful for their glow.

Their heatless light
Adds warmth to my day
And is the reason I will always stay
Here in my corner of the U.S. of A.

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Image of Keith Simmonds
Keith Simmonds · ago
Congratulations for this tremendous win, Brennen!
Image of Taylor Mack
Image of Rick Barnes
Rick Barnes · ago
Very well done!
Image of Dakota Haithcock
Dakota Haithcock · ago
Give this man a record deal, I need his mixtape
Image of deleted
User deactivated · ago
Really well thought out. I’m impressed
Image of Lesly Anderson
Lesly Anderson · ago
Beautifully written!
Image of Samuel Wright
Samuel Wright · ago
Great job mate!
Image of Keith Simmonds
Keith Simmonds · ago
Wonderfully written and quite enjoyable ! My full support!
Image of Harrison Tilley
Image of Justin Callaman
Image of Gloria Shanklin
Image of Quinn Myer
Quinn Myer · ago
Glad to help!
Image of Bruno Maciani
Image of Gospel A
Image of Lawson Jackson
Image of Vytautas Andrelavičius
Image of Mindaugas Andrelavičius
Image of Rossaura Betancourt
Image of Ansari Nasir
Image of Xavier DuPont
Image of Franz Mcclean
Image of Kari Swendsen
Kari Swendsen · ago
Beautiful Brennen. Good Luck!
Image of Scott Daniels
Image of Miranda Danku
Miranda Danku · ago
Very nice! Fingers and toes crossed for you.
Image of Rick Morse
Rick Morse · ago
We called them lightnin' bugs....
Image of Spencer Ricks
Image of Charlie Serre
Charlie Serre · ago
You can do it!
Image of Stefania Velazco
Image of David Hall
Image of Patricia Howes
Image of Josh Cvijanovic
Image of Sheila Stamper
Image of James Davis
Image of Sandra Perry
Image of Cindy Lloyd
Cindy Lloyd · ago
Very nice! Gives mental images of home.
Image of Sherry Monsen
Sherry Monsen · ago
Good job! I didn’t realize I had such a gifted grandson! ❤️
Image of Msafiri Otonya
Image of Matt Olson
Matt Olson · ago
God job man!
Image of Isabelle Parkinson
Image of Daryl Lydon
Image of Kraig Allen
Image of Cassandra Serre
Cassandra Serre · ago
Very deep. Love the picture you painted of southern summer nights.
Image of Tyler Bannon
Tyler Bannon · ago
Yo that’s crazy
Image of Shay Jones
Image of Nicky Henstrom
Image of Devin Bunner
Devin Bunner · ago
Deep words. Great poem!
Image of Diana Galvan
Diana Galvan · ago
Amazing! Awesome read
Image of Garrett Crowley
Garrett Crowley · ago
Michael says you're welcome for the inspiration. : )
Image of Doug Henstrom
Image of Mary Eatchel
Image of Tara Stewart
Tara Stewart · ago
Even better the second time reading it!
Image of Michael Baker
Michael Baker · ago
I feel like a better person after reading this.
Image of Michael Baker
Image of Christopher Glazier
Image of Jeremy Boehme
Jeremy Boehme · ago
That was beautiful.
Image of Syed Thameem Ansari Amanullah
Image of Cassandra Serre
Cassandra Serre · ago
Great depiction of a true southern night!
Image of Ethan Wuthrich
Image of Brook Hampton
Brook Hampton · ago
Love it! That’s why I’ll stay here too!
Image of Maria Moea'i
Maria Moea'i · ago
Image of Lei Moeai
Lei Moeai · ago
Image of Nofo Moeai
Nofo Moeai · ago
Biased I am, Liked it I did
Image of Alexia Rumsey
Image of Tara Rumsey
Tara Rumsey · ago
Love this, so good!
Image of Cam Mulf
Image of Mackay Butler
Mackay Butler · ago
Great work 👌
Image of Cy Hirsche
Image of Leslie Serre
Leslie Serre · ago
I love your story even more after reading it again
Image of Ashley Clark
Image of Ian Robertson
Image of Jonathan Hall
Image of Kristina Parkinson
Image of Ben Smith
Ben Smith · ago
Thank you Brennen. I enjoyed your work
Image of Nicky Henstrom
Nicky Henstrom · ago
The south is magical ☀️
Image of Tara Stewart
Tara Stewart · ago
I love fireflies too! Great job!
Image of Syed Thameem Ansari Amanullah
Image of Kirsten Bell
Kirsten Bell · ago
Love! ✨🌸😊💕
Image of Coby Bloxham
Coby Bloxham · ago
I am originally from North Carolina and this took me back home! Very nostalgic and you perfectly captured the essence of summer nights.
Image of Leslie Serre
Leslie Serre · ago
I live in North Carolina, after reading your story I was taken to one of a hundred Summer Nights in N.C.
Sitting on my porch while watching the “magic” surrounding me.
It’s a truly fantastical experience. Thank you for helping me we live something so beautiful again Just through your words.

Image of Alyssa Serre