Fragrance of Laughter

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Hey everyone, My name is Vansh Malhotra, and I am originally from India. Everyone loves to call me poetic as I am passionate about writing poems in English and French on various topics that ... [+]

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A blood-curdling scream of fear silently echoed through my veins as I woke up from a nightmare that left me paralyzed. Sweat started dripping from my head as the uncertainty of life shook my whole body. Anxiety started gurgling inside my stomach as I gathered the courage to get out of bed to confess my feelings with my dear ones. Yet my footsteps quivered with fright as I felt everyone would mock me for making a molehill out of a mole. My thoughts reverted to my nightmare where I dreamt about the loss of a dear one passing surrounded by the cacophony of mournful laughter in a funeral. A shallow ocean of tears filled my surroundings as I speculated on it. Then suddenly, the door of my room started banging, and I shrieked at the top of my lungs, followed by an awkward deafening silence.

My grandfather came inside and looked at me pensively. He had sensed that something was wrong, and he affectionately touched my head, asking me to confess my thoughts. I may be able to conceal the best of secrets with anyone, but certainly not with my grandfather. He naturally gets to know whenever something pricks me in life. After telling my grandfather about my nightmare, he did the most unexpected thing. He started laughing out loud. Bewilderment clouded my eyes as I felt my grandfather was laughing at my silliness. But then my grandfather stopped laughing, and he told me that he was practicing Laughing Yoga. "Laughing Yoga," I muttered out in amazement. "What is that, grandpa?" My grandfather ushered me to come into the lawn with him. Then he started explaining that Laughing Yoga is a form of modern exercise involving voluntary laughter, which gradually becomes spontaneous. It is a therapy that kills away depression and stress, supports maintaining blood pressure, reduces the chances of getting prone to heart attacks and helps one live longer. He explained that there are numerous benefits associated with Laughing Yoga. He then encouraged me to laugh along with him and try for myself. I felt weird practicing it at first, but as soon as I indulged in it, I didn't realize how my laughter gradually became natural. It felt amazing to know that I was indeed laughing at my nightmare, which had earlier cursed my morning. We laughed for several minutes, which was like medicine as it started curing away the sadness I was experiencing earlier. People say that fascinating thoughts crowd your mind when you are happy. I experienced this feeling as a marvellous idea that struck my mind that completely changed the life of an anxiety patient like me.

I started with a Laughing Yoga Club in my high school Sentinel Secondary. It gradually gained popularity, and the whole school, including teachers, was motivated by this practice. I later learned that many of my peers were facing problems related to anxiety which got cured suddenly through the fragrance of laughter. My principal was overwhelmed, and he invited me to organize a laughing yoga session for all the teachers. Positivity started radiating in all directions. One could no longer say that nightmares had the power to make me tremble now. I felt so grateful to have learnt about this boon and passed this on to others.

Today, when someone asks me, "How are you so positive in life"? I smile and answer without faltering, "I made anxiety fall in love with me."

Moral:- Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

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Image of Maicha Claire
Maicha Claire · ago
Laughing permits to stay younger. Very wel-written lpoem....
Image of Vansh Malhotra
Vansh Malhotra · ago
Warm hugs to everyone for reading and appreciating my work:)
Image of Keith Simmonds
Keith Simmonds · ago
Félicitations, Vansh!
Image of Vansh Malhotra
Vansh Malhotra · ago
Merci infiniment !!
Image of Fleur A.
Fleur A. · ago
A good text.
Image of Alice Atkins
Image of Patricia Besson
Patricia Besson · ago
Complètement d'accord!! Un texte savamment écrit Vansh. Bravo et heureuse d'être passée te lire
Image of Yasmin Somani
Yasmin Somani · ago
Great work Vansh!
Image of Savita Gupta
Savita Gupta · ago
Beautifully presented
Image of Isah Sunusi isah
Isah Sunusi isah · ago
a wonderful write up, keep it up
Image of Aye Brandon
Aye Brandon · ago
A beautifully presented piece
Image of Janice Chercoeur
Image of Sreeja R
Image of MIchael Finch
MIchael Finch · ago
A great story Vansh that brings fond memories!
Image of Martine Galati
Martine Galati · ago
J'ai bien aimé. Une lecture qui déride et fait du bien moral. Bravo
Image of Olivier Descamps
Olivier Descamps · ago
Une belle découverte que ce yoga du rire.
Image of Morgane Leeloo Perséphone Lafay
Morgane Leeloo Perséphone Lafay · ago
"I made anxiety fall in love with me"...Perfect!
Image of Preet Kanwal Dhillon
Image of FC Pierce
FC Pierce · ago
Thank you for reminding us that laughter in any language is still the best medicine we can all prescribe.
Image of Line Chatau
Line Chatau · ago
Laughing is a very good therapy. All my points for this genial method
Image of Surbhi Pasricha
Image of Cristo R
Cristo R · ago
Laugh is human nature said the french writer Rabelais (1494? - 1553) in his masterpiece "Gargantua "
Very nice story about Laughin Yoga

Image of Ralph Nouger
Ralph Nouger · ago
Excellent le yoga du rire ! Un grand père bien sympathique !
Image of Boubacar Mamoudou
Image of Alkos K
Alkos K · ago
Le rire comme meilleur remède ? J'aime l'idée.
Image of Arun Tandan
Arun Tandan · ago
Well done. Keep it up!
Image of Nicole Proton-Charlier
Nicole Proton-Charlier · ago
Good advise for all anxious people in the world, especially now when tension is so strong everywhere, we need Laughter Yoga Club, in Europe also ! Nicely written with the grandfather approach.
Image of Alain Derenne
Alain Derenne · ago
Oui, bonne chance pour moi u +5, bon WEnd
Image of Dominique Mutel
Dominique Mutel · ago
Le yoga du rire serait une bonne idée à concrétiser pour tous ceux qui souffrent dans ce monde.
Image of Rachid Hamdi
Le rire ne peut que nous sauver! Bonne chance
Image of Domi Roca
Domi Roca · ago
Bonne chance !
Image of Surbhi Pasricha
Image of RA Allen
RA Allen · ago
I'll have to try it. Thanks for posting
Image of Suneet Oberoi
Suneet Oberoi · ago
I am amazed how the feelings have been expressed through the power of words. Well done. 👏👏👏
Image of delphine fontaine
delphine fontaine · ago
And mindfulness. Thanks for this moment !
Image of Sawan Kumar
Sawan Kumar · ago
Superb ✌🏻
Image of François Duvernois
François Duvernois · ago
Bonne chance pour la suite, Vansh
Image of Viviane Fournier
Viviane Fournier · ago
Quelle belle idée, quelle belle pensée " le yoga du rire", j'adore ... bravo et vraiment, contente de vous avoir découvert !
Image of Sandeep Dass
Image of Michael Riordan
Michael Riordan · ago
This is very warm and 'real'...
Image of Said Meziane
Said Meziane · ago
La sérénité par le rire: une thérapie.
Image of Ajay Gupta
Image of Alban le Piaf
Alban le Piaf · ago
"le rire est le propre de l'homme" disait Rabelais...
Image of Marie-Pierre Tachet
Marie-Pierre Tachet · ago
Very positive story!
Image of Felix Culpa
Felix Culpa · ago
A positive energy, the power of laughing ! A good idea ! My five votes again !
Image of Hasnain Jafri
Image of Omar Ali
Omar Ali · ago
I love it! Laughing Yoga - indeed GrandPa is famous around the world for it! I know.
Image of Laura Kirchner
Laura Kirchner · ago
Image of Ritika Saini
Ritika Saini · ago
Good Luck 🤞
Image of Arshiya Mahajan
Image of Veena Rekhi
Veena Rekhi · ago
very nice all d best
Image of natasha kohli
natasha kohli · ago
brilliant. in love with ur writing. it rlly speaks to the heart. you have a gift ❤️❤️
Image of Payal Malhotrac
Payal Malhotrac · ago
Briilant write up vansh.keep laughing Nd spreading happiness. All the luck
Image of Puja Pahuja
Image of Catherine Jackson
Catherine Jackson · ago
Brilliantly written 👏🏻 Thanks for sharing. Best of luck 👍🏻
Image of Preeti Hora
Preeti Hora · ago
Well written & All the Very Best !
Image of Simi Bhatia
Simi Bhatia · ago
All the best , keep writing 👍
Image of Neha Nandrajog
Neha Nandrajog · ago
Beautifully composed!
Love and luck

Image of Savita Malhotra
Savita Malhotra · ago
Amazing ideas.Well written.All the best
Image of Sneh Lata Piplani
Sneh Lata Piplani · ago
Beautifully written!
Image of Shailaja Gauri
Shailaja Gauri · ago
Very nice!! All the best 😊
Image of Poonam Syal
Poonam Syal · ago
Nice work all the best
Image of Hkl Sachdeva
Image of Seema Kapur
Seema Kapur · ago
All the best..
Image of Anu Bajaj
Image of Shikha Malhotra
Image of Zainab Ansari
Zainab Ansari · ago
Very good. Keep it up
Image of Rajeev Bajaj
Image of Chipper Roth
Chipper Roth · ago
Hahahahahheeeeheeeerajneeshosholoved laughing yoga
Image of Jismy Pauly
Jismy Pauly · ago
Image of Seema Abrol
Seema Abrol · ago
Beautifully expressed
Image of Ria Dua
Ria Dua · ago
Inspiring story... 👏👏👍
Image of Sabina Langer
Sabina Langer · ago
lovely and inspiring story you have skill
Image of Vasundhara Goel
Image of Rajesh Mahajan
Rajesh Mahajan · ago
All the best young man
Image of Fadi deek
Image of Keith Simmonds
Keith Simmonds · ago
Image of Animon Sachdeva
Image of Priya Piplani
Image of Simrita Arora
Simrita Arora · ago
Wow amazing work
Image of Maria Print
Maria Print · ago
Best wishes 😊
Image of Sanjeev Malhotra
Image of Sandeep Malhotra
Sandeep Malhotra · ago
Best wishes Vansh..your talent is amazing
Image of Sanjeev Malhotra
Image of Vansh Malhotra
Vansh Malhotra · ago
Thanks so much, everyone. It makes me feel so glad that laughter inspired you all !!
Image of Lohit Goyal
Lohit Goyal · ago
Amazing Vansh😊😊
Image of Menna Loai
Menna Loai · ago
Amazing 💫♥️
Image of Maria Print
Maria Print · ago
Brilliant 👏👏
Image of Priya Piplani
Image of Aurelie D'Couto
Image of Seb Cend
Seb Cend · ago
Wholesome and great message!
Image of Ritika Saini
Ritika Saini · ago
This made me smile.
Image of Hasnain Jafri
Image of Augusta Forte
Augusta Forte · ago
Thank you for sharing so much beauty in your poet's soul 🌷
Image of Jessica Giger
Jessica Giger · ago
Love it!

Image of Seema Abrol
Seema Abrol · ago
Very impressed with your intelligence, keep it up Vansh
Image of Shailaja Gauri
Shailaja Gauri · ago
Beautiful caption in the end, and a great piece of work!!
Image of Rabia Nishat
Rabia Nishat · ago
Enjoyed this piece!!!!
Image of Tejasvini Patel
Tejasvini Patel · ago
I made anxiety fall in love with me is so Brilliant
Image of Mrunmayee Jamdhade
Image of Roberta Sherman
Roberta Sherman · ago
Laughter is definitely the best medicine, great poem. So enjoy reading it.
Image of Vinita Anand
Image of Rakhi Sharma
Rakhi Sharma · ago
Enjoyed reading it. Keep on writing!
Image of Anita Arora
Anita Arora · ago
Ha ha Vansh let’s laugh our way thr the nightmares of life!! Laughter is the best medicine and has so many side effects it is contagious and all get caught in its’ web. Highly impressed with your narrative!!! God Bless you Always.
Image of Preet Kanwal Dhillon
Image of Rose Omar
Rose Omar · ago
Image of Arun Tandan
Arun Tandan · ago
Very nice work. Keep it up
Image of Sneh Piplani
Sneh Piplani · ago
Beautifully Written....
Image of Omar Ali
Omar Ali · ago
Your Grandpa is a very special human being, he is like no one else I have met and has a very special place in my heart. Laughing Yoga is just the sort of thing he likes to talk about!
Image of Ayush Malhotra
Image of I K
I K · ago
Nice work 👏🏼
Image of Hemant Chand Kapur
Hemant Chand Kapur · ago
Well written ... very mature thoughts. Keep it up.
Image of Swarni K
Swarni K · ago
Very well penned Vansh. Good job!
Image of Rosie Klair
Rosie Klair · ago
Well done Vansh, really well written, you are so gifted 👍🏽
Image of Shikha Agrawal
Shikha Agrawal · ago
Brilliant work 👌👌💕
Image of Seema Abrol
Seema Abrol · ago
Beautifully written Vansh, lots of thought and emotion ❤️
Image of Keith Simmonds
Keith Simmonds · ago
Well written with great sensitivity and emotion, Vansh!
Image of Ritu Dang
Image of Pardeep Dhillon
Pardeep Dhillon · ago
Well done Vansh, beautifully written!
Image of natasha kohli
natasha kohli · ago
brilliant!! this is jus lovely. the writing is beautiful and poignant
Image of Payal Malhotrac
Payal Malhotrac · ago
Ur grandfather is sooo proud of you. U have taken his preaching to another level. God bless and best wishes
Image of Payal Malhotrac
Payal Malhotrac · ago
Superb vansh. U will definitely touch million hearts 💕 💞 ♥
Image of Sandhya Mehta
Sandhya Mehta · ago
Keep Shining Vansh
Brilliant work!!

Image of Anu Kaila
Anu Kaila · ago
Well done , keep it up .
Image of Anita Malhotra
Anita Malhotra · ago
Keep it up VANSH PROUD OF 👏 U
Image of Dwijisha Katkar
Dwijisha Katkar · ago
So beautiful and positive
Image of Shikha Juneja Mohanty
Shikha Juneja Mohanty · ago
What a sensitive piece , very poignant Vansh , one can’t wait to read it all , the build up of the story then cascading into the body and smoothly ending , kudos !!
How beautifully written Vansh, highly impressed. Keep it up!
Image of Sudeep Bhatia
Sudeep Bhatia · ago
Well written, must have made your Grandfather proud.
Image of Shinju Mahajan
Shinju Mahajan · ago
What an inspiring narrative!!!! And what a wonderful woven expression of words!!!! Simply superb.
Image of Sandeep Malhotra
Sandeep Malhotra · ago
The expression is so good that while reading the story it feels like watching a movie..the words transform into images in our mind as we get completely engrossed in the story ..look forward to many more such amazing work from the young and brilliant writer .
Image of Savita Malhotra
Savita Malhotra · ago
Wow Vansh u r multi talented.Appreciate Ur talent of writing and laughing
Image of Zainab Ansari
Zainab Ansari · ago
Vansh has a talent to weave words into exquisiteness