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Facebook, inbox (private messaging) of Chris Stabler.
Conversation begun Tuesday 14/01/2014

Tracy Lucas, 3.06 pm
Hi Chris! I haven’t been on Facebook very long. And I’ve found you! How are you? What’s happened to you? I’m sending you an invitation.

Chris Stabler, 9.13 pm
Hello Tracy! It has indeed been a long time. I’m well, thank you. Life goes on, like it does for everybody. I married Rachel. Do you remember her? We have two children. I’ve been a freelance web designer for about ten years now. Tell me what you’ve been doing in the last... twenty years!

Tracy Lucas, 9.15 pm
I am so happy to hear from you. As for me, well, to put it bluntly, I’m divorced. My marriage was a pathetic failure. Life with an international truck driver is not compatible with being a woman desperate for love. One day, unknown to me, he took a paternity test and he discovered I’d been unfaithful to him. He is not the father of our son. From that day on, I knew the score, about our love and about his paternity as well. At the moment I’m temping. I get little jobs... Of course I remember Rachel! Who wouldn’t remember Rachel? Ask the boys at school! I remember she got the role of Antigone that I wanted so much. You still haven’t replied to my Facebook invitation.

Tracy Lucas, 9.35 pm
Hey, are you there?

Tracy Lucas, 9.48 pm
I wish you good night. By the way, you look very handsome in your profile photo, you haven’t changed since school! I see we don’t live very far from each other, either. I’m so happy we are in contact again. We used to get on so well when we were kids. Send a reply soon. Big hugs and kisses, Chris.

Tracy Lucas, Wednesday 15/01/2014, 06.50 am
Good morning, my Chris! Lots of love from your Tracy.

Chris Stabler, 1.12 pm
Hello Tracy. Rachel did indeed play Antigone when we were in the Upper Sixth. I seem to remember you were still in Year Eleven at the time. I am sorry about your marriage. As for Rachel and me, we are very happy with our two children. Well, love is like a game of chance. You will get your life back on track, I really hope you do. All the best for the future.

Tracy Lucas, 1.18 pm
You still haven’t accepted my Facebook invitation! It’s true we weren’t in the same class, but I already really liked you back then. I spent so many nights imagining myself in your arms, my face pressed up against your denim jacket, running my hands through your hair... I would really like to see you again.

Tracy Lucas, 1.26 pm
You’ve read my message but you haven’t replied. I imagine you need time to think. This sort of reunion is not something to be taken lightly. We have grown up, now we are mature enough to embark upon a more complete relationship. I also realize you will want to tell Rachel. You always were so honest. Take your time, my Chris...

Tracy Lucas, 9.00 pm
My darling, I have made my mind up. If I am getting the train on Saturday, first thing in the morning, I can be with you later in the day. It’s a direct line. Do you realize there are only two hours between us? What’s happening to us is weird... I think about you a lot, and especially about us. I have loads of plans in my head. Dylan, my son, can’t wait to meet you. He thinks you look like Clark Kent, Superman! Have you spoken to Rachel yet? How did she react? You were right, love really is like a game of chance. Everyone gets their turn, let’s try our luck.

Chris Stabler, 11.43 pm
I am going to be frank with you and necessarily hurtful. There is a huge misunderstanding between us. This conversation makes no sense whatsoever. I do not intend and have never intended to leave Rachel. I love her. She loves me. We love each other. I cannot make it any clearer. Yes, we have been back in contact, but like two acquaintances who share their news in a casual way. That is all. And this is going to stop here. I am not replying to your invitation to accept your friend request, because I think we have said everything we have to say to each other. In future, please do not bother me anymore.

Tracy Lucas, 11.47 pm
Chris, my love, what is the matter with you? Your last message is very worrying. I feel you are lost, scared maybe. I can understand that. What is happening to us is so bewildering. We are made for each other and have been since we were teenagers. Our love is extraordinary. We must preserve and cherish it. You have the right to live the life you want. Rachel would understand that if she wasn’t so self-centered. Be strong. Think about the happiness awaiting us.

Chris Stabler, 11.52 pm
Tracy, you are mad. You should get help. I want nothing further to do with you. I am going to put an end to this conversation with immediate effect and configure my account so that you are permanently blocked.

Facebook, inbox (private messaging) of Rachel Stabler.
Conversation begun Wednesday 15/01/2014

Tracy Lucas, 11.58 pm
Good evening Rachel. I am Tracy Lucas. We were at the same school twenty years ago. We did drama together. I believe the situation to be sufficiently delicate for me to approach you about it here, on this network. Let’s say out of female solidarity. Chris, your husband, who I vaguely remember from school too, contacted me by private message to ask for my news. We wrote a bit about our lives. That was all. However, he changed his tone when he found out I was divorced. He is insisting on seeing me again. He is even dreaming up a new love life to make up for what he has missed out on with you. I am not interested in Chris and I have made this abundantly clear to him. But he will not give up. Rachel, your husband is harassing me. I am sorry to interfere in your married life like this, but I do not know what to do to put an end to this situation. Maybe we could sort it out between the two of us? As one woman to another...

Translated by Wendy Cross


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