Aborigine and the Colonists

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I will tell you this story because tomorrow I will be gone. Soon you will be too. I hope whoever finds this may learn from my generation’s mistakes.

The day they came, the world did not shake and crumble. We did not all have some overwhelming and strange sense that something was somehow off. It was a day as any other. Then one vessel, a very small spaceship, landed in a park near my own home half an hours’ drive from the city. Two Colonists came from the ship, a man and women. They announced that if we wished to live we were to not harm them. They told us that they were here to farm. There were only five of us to hear their first message. But all of use on Earth could see the skies beginning to glitter. Thousands of powerful vessels we coming to greet us. And the world was not prepared.

We didn’t know where they came from. Space, of course. But any more detail than that we were at a loss for. They are a people not so unlike our own. They are intelligent beings. Tall and upright. They walk on two legs and their arms swing with their step. They have an internal skeletal system and soft outer skin like ours. Their skin is darkened as if burned. They have hair where we have hair but less of it. And they are largely unclothed, wearing only shorts except when visiting in the very cold regions of the world. And they carry breathing tubes. I have since learned that these devices supplement their oxygen supply.

In short, they are a sort of people and they are here for us. They are here to farm. They are omnivores did I forget to mention? They eat the corn we grow, they eat our cattle, they go to our cafes and restaurants. They eat us. I have heard that human meat tastes something like pork but stronger. Others say it tastes somewhat like veal. And, supposedly, human flesh pairs well with a good pinot noir but I’m not talking from experience.

I felt that we may be able to create or give the colonists something else they desire. This would thereby prove our value as more than a food source. The Colonists would accept nothing. They can simply take what they want from us, they need not bargain, for they are more powerful. A military strike from Korea at the travelers was complete failure and damnation. Within the hour of the attempt to kill our alien visitors, Northern Korea no longer existed. So I decided that if a better trade than our flesh is not in order and if they cannot be defeated, then something else must be done. I tried to prove the intellect of mankind.

Maybe by appealing to their sense of morals or showing them that, we too, are at the leaders of our planetary food web, we can show we are like them. If we are like them, then maybe they will see us to as they see themselves. Our world is not their factory. Our world is ours.

Those of us who saw the vessel land had been consulting one on one with either of the Colonists who stepped out from their ship. They told us that in only a handful of meetings we are to teach them about ourselves and our world. At a recent meeting, I tried to prove my own intelligence to save our species. What way can there be to possibly prove the intelligence of man if we have not done it already? An internet IQ quiz will certainly not do. He, my consulter, cared not for me to prove my intellect. He agreed that I seemed as capable as any human but our capabilities did not exclude us from his dinner table.

“Birds fly.”

This is what he told me. Just because an animal is capable of something greater than yourself does not mean that you should not eat. There is nothing to stop the top from eating the bottom. This is life, he explained, though he welcomed my attempt to argue for my kind, was entertained by it, and encouraged me to try something else.

So, I was mistaken. A proof of intelligence was meaningless to them. I attempted to show him the value of our philosophy, economics, art, even our culinary specialties. None of these had any great effect on him (excluding a recipe for pot pie that he found delightful). So, then I had another plan. I was going to see what they are made of. My field of study is genetics. A good field to be in. The Colonists said that they are sacred beings and will not harm one another as us humans do. I would try to prove a genetic similarity between our kind and theirs in the thin hope that if it is proven, we may receive the same treatment they give themselves. There is so much similarity even between a pig and man that this alien creature may not be so far off. We are all made of the same star matter. I had this idea when at one of our final meetings the Colonist was chewing on a piece of food but he threw it away finding it inedible.

I went back to the lab in which I worked and evaluated the nucleic acid sequence of his saliva against my own. What I found astonished me. Our genes were similar. Very similar. And what I realized was we not only were similar. I can prove that this species who has come to earth is a genetic descendant of homo sapiens, of us. They must be a diverged group from when we had missions to expand our reach to other distant planets and the history must have been lost in time. I showed these findings to the Colonist at our last meeting And I had told him what I had done.

“You think this is not known to us? Your purpose is not to teach me what I already know. We know we are a branch made from your tree. Nonetheless, the tree which we come from is quite tasty.”

Tomorrow they will begin extracting the humans from earth. Most will be for food and others will be selected to raise and breed the homo sapiens. I will remain a consultant because the Colonist to who I report to with thinks that I may offer him more than wine pairing ideas. I am to be his pet, I suppose. As for the rest of mankind, I hope you will make a nice stew.

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