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Mmh... the smell of a wood fire, nice meat ready for the grill, marinaded in virgin oil with Herbs de Provence. Prime rib? Of course! Hang on, are people coming for lunch? Didn’t know it was happening. Hadn’t been arranged before I left. No worries. It would have been a shame to miss having a nice barbie on the terrace, next to the pool, with this fabulous sunshine. Great timing as I’m starving! I’ve done a lot of walking the last few days and it’s always the same, whenever I go walkabout I never eat properly.
So good to get back to the house and see her. I’ve missed her so much. And yes, that’s how it is… I need to go away for a few days several times a year and she always hates it. When I get back she always tells me how much she cares for me and that it bothers her when I’m not with her and that she’d like it if I went away a bit less, or not at all… But that’s the way I am. I’m not going to change, am I? Guess I just have to go off travelling even if I always come back exhausted. She often says that getting older suits me. And then coming home is so wonderful. She takes me in her arms, puts her forehead to mine and covers me in even more kisses than usual. Wonderful to feel that loved. So great to come home.
She hasn’t even noticed me arrive. Probably didn’t think I’d get back so soon, and in fact I’ve got back a bit sooner than usual. I can hear her humming at the end of the garden from the kitchen where I went to grab a drink. But unluckily for me there was nothing left to drink. Standing at the open French windows I can see how radiant she looks. She’s just taken a dip because her damp curls are all tangled. She’s busy turning the meat on the bbq and so that she won’t get burnt she’s pulled on a really creased and old-fashioned T-shirt that’s much too big for her over her red swimsuit. She’s so gorgeous. The first time I saw her I knew that this would be the love of my life. Though I was still pretty young, living with my mother and brothers at the time, a few streets away. I’ll never forget her saying “What fantastic eyes you’ve got! It’s you I want and I know we’re going to be so happy together”. I don’t think I could possibly live without her. Sometimes I come back home late at night. I love those times, when I can gaze at her sleeping until the moment I slide carefully under the sheets next to her.
Then suddenly I feel as if my heart is about to stop.
“Oh... so you’re here.”
Who is this, stretched out on my favorite recliner?
“Johnny’s going to be spending the weekend with us.”
But I know this guy! He’s been living with the neighbor for a few weeks.
“Does it bother you?”
She strokes his head and then, on top of that, she gives him a bit of meat with the tips of her fingers.
“Come on now, don’t fret, you’ll get your bit too!”
How on earth can she do this to me?
“You really have earned your name, you know.”
I’m going to jump on him and tear his eyes out, this filthy brute of a dog.
“Come on Jealous! You must be hungry. I’ll get some food for you.”

Translated by Hannah Charlton


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