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"Sit, sit!" The girl said, pulling out a chair. I sat down as the five-year-old placed a plastic teacup in front of me.
"How is Princess Lillian doing today?" I asked her.
"Lovely. How is Princess Hannah?" I smiled. The door to the bedroom creaked open and through it came a middle-aged man.
"Dad!" Lillian raced over and gave him a hug.
"How's my little princess doing today?"
"Come play!" Lillian dragged her father over to the table. He sat in my chair, passing right through me.
No matter how many times it happens, I could never get over the sadness every time a person walks right through me.
"Dad! You're sitting on Hannah." Lillian complained.
"Hannah, my friend."
"Ah, my apologies." He moved to a different chair. "May I have some tea, Princess Lillian?"
* * *
Seven-year-old Lillian scribbled away with her crayon.
"What are you drawing?" I asked her.
"You and me," She said. "Dancing in a ballroom." The door opened.
"Lillian, you should be doing your homework." Her father said. "There will be time to play later."
"Now, please." Lillian sighed and set down the crayon.
* * *
Lillian sat at her desk, frantically trying to type up an essay that was due the next day. The bags under her eyes and her untamed hair made me wonder if she did anything else but study. I sat in the same chair as always, wiping the dust off the teacups, waiting for Lillian to have a spare moment.
* * *
Lillian and a boy I had never seen before walked through the door. She was smiling and laughing the way she used to when she played with me. She's found her prince, I thought. I rushed over to greet him.
"Hi! I'm Hannah. What's your-" Lillian walked right through me.
* * *
The room was packed in boxes. There was nothing left that showed the princess who had once lived here. Lillian placed some framed piece of paper in the last box before taping it shut. There was only one thing she hadn't packed.
I crawled under the bed. In the far corner covered in dust and webs was a single wooden box. I clawed at it trying to get it to move. But my hand went right through it.
I made my way out from under the bed. How could she have forgotten about it? About me? Unless she believed, there was nothing I could do to tell her that it was there.
The door opened. The boy she had brought to the room so many times before appeared. "Hey, Lil. Your parents asked me to help move your bed. They said they wanted it under the window to turn it into a guest room."
The two of them lifted up the bed and maneuvered it around the boxes. They set it across the room. Lillian noticed the dust-covered box and walked over to it.
"When was the last time I cleaned under there?" Lillian asked, picking up the wooden box. She brushed the dust off of it. She opened it.
Inside was a single drawing. Two princesses dancing in a ballroom, drawn in crayon. Lillian looked confused before smiling. A single tear escaped her. She turned to face me.
"Hannah?" She said. I took a step towards her. She smiled, "How about a cup of tea?"


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Image of Sophia Lagrimar
Sophia Lagrimar · ago
Well done!!
Image of ClodaghO
ClodaghO · ago
Image of PJM
PJM · ago
A lovely depiction of growing up with a poignant twist of leaving things behind.
Image of GAR
GAR · ago
Excellent story. Great use of dialogue. And I like how you left the ending open to interpretation.
Image of Rebecca Gwyn
Rebecca Gwyn · ago
Fluid and fluent writing. Nice text to read in one go. Good job for a talented young writer!
Image of RH Dorsey
RH Dorsey · ago
The imagery was wonderful. I read it a couple of times. I'm glad she saw her imaginary friend for the last time. Or was it the last time? :) Awesome.
Image of Katla Ignis
Katla Ignis · ago
I’m glad you liked it so much!
Image of Tillie
Tillie · ago
Oh my gosh this is so good!!
Image of Katla Ignis
Katla Ignis · ago
Thank you! I worked really hard on it.
Image of Elizabeth
Elizabeth · ago
Hi! This is such a good book! You’re so talented!Here’s an invitation to check out my book!
Image of melogan
melogan · ago
nice strategy.