A Girl Named Ruby

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It’s amazing how one text message can change everything. Just twenty-four hours ago everything seemed to be as it should. I was with Ruby, the brightest part of my life.
Her smile shinned like the sun, so bright you know that the longer you look, the more pain you’ll eventually have. But you can’t bring yourself to look away.
I felt her soft skin as we hugged and danced around like nobody was watching. I absorbed her scent that I've known since we were in kindergarten. Despite the change in seasons or level of activity she had that day; I always knew that when I smelled vanilla, Ruby was nearby.
It was like any other day we spent together, calm, but still sprinkled with excitement. We laughed as we baked muffins. Music filled the air, letting the troubles that face us once we part ways, fade from our minds. We were alive and that was enough.
Or so it seemed... Not even the sound of my breath filled the air when I read the words of the message on my screen. It just took a matter of seconds for my world to come burning down.
My Ruby Tuesday didn't spend her day singing along to songs that no one else but us knew. She didn't go to school and mindlessly float through the classes that she'll forget about when she's an adult. Listening to her own child express their disgust for high school.
She sat on the floor of the bathroom that we had given one another makeovers in just days before, letting tears fall down her porcelain cheeks, as she discovered that in her world the shades of gray were concealing the rainbow that she used to be. She opens the cap and every word of hate she has for herself floats out of the bottle, surrounding her with every demon she's spent a lifetime running from. Ripping into her as she makes her final decision. The pills that were supposed to help gift her with a map to peace in the correct proportion are becoming her end as she swallows thirty.
Time stops...
Her breath slips away in the years of hidden pain finally coming to the surface.
Death makes his way into the room, with gentle steps, not wanting to frighten the girl as he gently places her limp body into his arms and begins to take her to world's unknown. He softly floats down the hallway, spotting the father in the kitchen cooking lunch for his three beloved children.
Death looks down at the girl, then back at the father and begins to approach him. He whispers softly in the man's ear, "I'm not meant to take her yet. Your daughter needs you. It isn't too late. It’s never too late."
The father feels a shiver down his spine, he lets his body lead him down the hall. His heart beats her name. He knocks on the bathroom door.
No answer...
Dreaded Silence begins to echo her way through the hall.
He knocks again.
Before his mind can respond to the impulsive logic of his body, he is crashing down the wooden door with all of his strength, letting the splintering sensation make its way through him as his eyes are greeted with his greatest fear; his baby lying on the floor gasping for her last breaths as the light of her blue eyes fades into a lifeless gray. Somewhere in his despair he finds the strength to dial 911.
As the father begins to pick his daughter up, Death hands her to him and whispers to the girl, "Your story is not over yet. You are stronger than you know," he kisses the girls forehead and fades away, leaving her to continue her fight in this world.


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Image of Aliann
Aliann · ago
I found the story gave a unique and refreshing twist to the concept of death. Great portrayal.
Image of W10R
W10R · ago
Nice piece!!! Great message. Can't wait to read more. 😁😁😁
Image of Vturner
Vturner · ago
Such a great story line, with awesome attention to details.
Image of jmh
jmh · ago
Great details and powerful message!
Image of Mindy Teehee
Mindy Teehee · ago
Very inter story and I love the details and way you write
Image of Destiny Breazzeal
Destiny Breazzeal · ago
Image of pcorbett
pcorbett · ago
Lovely story! I love that Death gave the father that "intuition". Very cool concept!