We Will Always Be

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When I was in Grade Eight at Lakeview Elementary School in Regina, Saskatchewan, our teacher, Mr. Graham, used a miniature hand-cranked generator to demonstrate electrical current for us. We all held hands and formed a circle around the classroom. With the students closest to Mr. Graham holding the positive and negative leads, he slowly turned the little crank. We all began to feel a tingle as the current passed through us. We were all together for a moment, until it became too ticklish to bear. I haven’t seen some of those people since Grade Eight. Some of them are dead now. But we were one then, and in my heart we will always be.


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AScherle · ago
Thank you to everyone who's voted for my story. I hope it brought you joy.
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Katla Ignis · ago
Short and sweet. Love it!!
I think you’ll like my story, “Do You See Me?”. The link to it is here: https://short-edition.com/en/story/3-min/do-you-see-me

Image of AScherle
AScherle · ago
Thank you, Katla. Read your story and thought it was great! Keep it up!
Image of Corinne Val
Corinne Val · ago
a beautiful message
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AScherle · ago
Thank you, Corinne.