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The wind makes the leaves dance on their branches, the grains of dust throw themselves into the light when a young woman passes under the poplars along the road to the sea.

She feels this cool, pleasant in summer, even if in this Norman landscape used to wind, rain, she seeks the shade of trees. She stops to drink a few moments. She hears a noise. In front of the street, she sees a factory abandoned for forty years, specialized in metallurgy. A memory of these grandparents crosses her mind, they had worked there... Curiosity leads her into the dust of this factory to look a little closer at these machines. She spans the wire fence and peers into the keyhole of the front door. The place is lit, she is not alone.

She opens the door, the sight is striking... Her heart is pounding when a viscous liquid falls on her hair. She wants to leave but the ground is slippery, water flows, she walks on a sticky liquid. She manages to walk to the end of the metal corridor where a starfish shining more than three meters. She wonders if it's not a joke.

The question arises how to leave, escape but this sticky liquid flows in the metal corridor that leads to the exit. Would she be her pantry? First and foremost, she takes out her laptop for a photograph or call for help, but selects the torch mode. The young woman lights to show off and admires this majestic star who stands in front of her. She decides to film it. In the end, she puts her phone in vibrate mode, sends a message and touches the star with her mobile phone. The star feels the vibration as a vibrating massage, it can be characterized by a vibrating message. The mewing of a cat interrupts this communication, the star disappears...

The young woman, on leaving, feels the wind dance with the leaves and takes her bike, she wants to go back but a link links her to the sea, she must continue her way.


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Image of Fred Panassac
Fred Panassac · ago
Bravo d’avoir écrit en anglais ! On suit agréablement cette femme au long de sa promenade mystérieuse et onirique. Le fantastique s’invite dans le quotidien et vient nous déstabiliser. Good job !
Image of Corinne Val
Corinne Val · ago
Merci Fréd
Image of Not-Only But-Also Riley
Not-Only But-Also Riley · ago
I agree with one of the comments below about the surreal feel you've managed to create here. Some of my favorite writing is when it's clear that we're looking into our own world, but with fantastical elements, which is what you've managed to do with this. I like the simplicity too; despite being a rather complex story (especially in that much of it is so outlandish), you've described things in such a simple way that it makes it feel that much more real. Overall, great job writing a story that moves so organically that it reads like a poem.
Image of Roger
Roger · ago
An element of surrealism to this story. It gets my votes.
Image of Tabitha Potts
Tabitha Potts · ago
Atmospheric with some magical touches, thank you!
Image of Miraje
Miraje · ago
Entre poésie et fantastique, une balade onirique.
Image of Dranem
Dranem · ago
Un univers poétique, une ambiance un peu hors du temps , mon soutien !
Image of Keith Simmonds
Keith Simmonds · ago
My support for this charming story that flows naturally, Corinne !
Image of Artvic
Artvic · ago
I like this text for its freedom side!
pleasant to read. Good luck to you
and I love the wind and the sound of the leaves in the trees. Bravo

Image of Corinne Val
Corinne Val · ago
Many thanks, and see you soon again