October Freefall

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Who can walk today
when leaves leapfrog across the boulevard
and swirl recklessly round each passing car?
My feet dance across the sidewalk,
exploring invisible hopscotch trails
like errant children,
crunching gutter drifts
in explosions of sap-dried
skeletons of summer.
Can’t you feel it,
the racing pulse of October?


Image of Rendez-Vous, October 2019 issue

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Image of Keith Simmonds
Keith Simmonds · ago
What dramatic imagery! Short and effective poem, Susan!
Image of Kristy Roser Nuttall
Kristy Roser Nuttall · ago
Yes!! Wow. This poem is exploding with imagery! I love the crunching, sap dried, leapfrogging pulse of your words. Well done!
Image of Susan Lendroth
Susan Lendroth · ago
Thank you!

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