My Cat Is My Dog

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— Doctor, I’ve brought you My Dog.
— I don’t understand. It’s a cat.
— Yes, it’s a cat.
— So?
— I don’t like cats.
—Is that why you’re here?
— No, of course not. I’m here because My Dog is listening behind doors.
— And you’ve come with your cat?
— Yes, I told you, My Dog is a cat.
—Does he also fall onto his paws?
— Pardon?
— No, never mind. Listen! How can I say this, your dog...
The veterinarian was searching for words.
— My Dog?
— Why haven’t you brought him?
— But you are deliberately misunderstanding, Doctor. My cat is called My Dog.
— Ah! So this cat is your cat and your cat is My Dog?
— See, you do understand when you try!
— And you have a cat although you don’t like cats...
— Listen, Doctor, it’s complicated enough, don’t make it any worse, please!
— These are just normal questions to find out which specialist to direct you to...Well, to direct your cat, My Dog to.
— Alright.
— Right, let’s start again. Why did you call him My Dog?
—Have you ever seen a cat come to heel when you call it? My wife and I thought it would be easier. Like a way of training it. “Heel, My Dog”” and the cat would rush over.
— And does that work?
— No, that’s just it!
— Just what?
— That’s why we’re here.
— You were telling me that he listens behind doors. I don’t see what that has to do with it.
— He has understood our strategy. When my cat was still just My Cat, he went past our bedroom one night, even though we had double-locked the door. He heard that we wanted to call him My Dog. Help me, Doctor, help me!
— You know, you have taken a risk. Walls might have ears but secrets stop there. A door, even when it’s bolted, can be treacherous. What it hears goes into the keyhole and comes out of the other side.
— What is the answer?
— Get rid of it!
— No! No way!
—I thought you didn’t like cats?
— Yes but My Dog is a bit like my dog!
— ...
— And I love dogs!

Translated by Wendy Cross


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Image of Rellum59
Rellum59 · ago
What a mixture between your cat that tells My dog ! Difficult to find out the through ! But , don't you love birds ? or any else animal ? It would be a solution !
So , it's very humoristic , your story ! And i like it very much !

Image of Rellum59
Rellum59 · ago
Thank you so much to share my joy !
Image of Mathieu Jaegert
Mathieu Jaegert · ago
Thank you so much ! Birds ? Some of them only ! ;-)
Image of Rellum59
Rellum59 · ago
No problem !