Mother's Day With Mom

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"Hey Mom," I said, standing graveside. "I brought you a bunch of green bananas for Mother's Day. You'd be so proud of me. I'm keeping your memory alive by writing stories about the urgency we feel while aging. I'm sharing them on Facebook. People love 'em."

"That's nice darling," she said, snickering a bit. "But what I'd really like for Mother's Day is the Neiman Marcus catalog."

"What do you want from Neiman's?" I asked.

"A pink Chanel Flap," she said, without hesitation.

"Mom," I argued. "What do you want that for?"

"Please darling," she said, "don't argue with me. The lady next to me has dozens of Chanel handbags. You'd better bring me Bergdorf's catalog, too."

"What is going on down there, Mom?" I asked. "You look stunning. You're wearing your pink St. John suit, your rose petal Gucci scarf and your black tipped Chanel tan flats."

"Tracey, darling," she said, sassily. "A 'classy lady' needs a classy bag."

"Mom," I said. "How did you know that we put 'A Classy Lady' on your gravestone?"

"I read it!" she said.

"No way, Mom." I said. "That's creepy."

"It's only creepy if I don't live up to it, Tracey," she said. "Now go home and bring me both catalogs."

"Can't I just buy you a handbag?" I asked.

"No!" she yelled, impatiently. "I need a few other things."

"What other things?" I said.

"Don't ask," she said, perturbed. "I'm buried next to Coco Chanel."


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Image of ClodaghO
ClodaghO · ago
This made me smile.
Image of Marcheur
Marcheur · ago
A little boy and a handbag: maybe dear old Oscar would be happy to read your story! I was happy to read it.
Image of Cici
Cici · ago
It reminds me of the quote that says whatever you once enjoyed you can never loose . Its nice to know that other people have little conversation with their Mom's that no one else can hear. Thank you. I enjoyed that.
Image of Rhino
Rhino · ago
Touching and funny - put a smile on my face.
Image of Romain Leroy
Romain Leroy · ago
Fun short story... Got me laughing all day
Image of Hongyu Guan
Hongyu Guan · ago
me too
Image of Jesse
Jesse · ago
Love it
Image of Lisa D.
Lisa D. · ago
Clever, fun story. You can see the writer's heart in it, and that's hard to do in a minute.
Image of Kim Radtke
Kim Radtke · ago
Knowing Barbara, Tracey has it spot on with her whimsical twist! Look forward to her enlightening, positive spin on the art of aging! I will never buy another green banana!
Image of Andraste
Andraste · ago
Beautifully brief and elegantly evocative.
Image of SamiraFar
SamiraFar · ago
Love this story! It was entertaining, creative and meaningful all the same time.

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