Light After Dark

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How do you become a hero when you're the one who needs to be saved?
How do you get all your pains to be washed away by the rain?
How do you tell God to forgive your sins if yours is a special case?
How do you get down from a cross on which your people have you nailed?

Hello darkness, my soulless friend.
I saw you as a friend but you made me go against myself.
And now, you have come to take me to my end.
But no. No! No! No!
You have caused enough dent.
Out of the depth of darkness you put me, I found a new strength.

No Azrael, you can't take me away.
I foolishly believed you would be the one to numb my pain.
But all you did was invite me to the sunken place.
You had me so close I almost made it to hell's gate.
Defeat was within an eye of a needle before I changed my fate.

No! No! No!
Out of the rot you left me, I will rise.
Out of the shackles you had me, I will fight.
Out of the dark tunnel you buried me, I will dig and claw with every single inch of my might.
Then maybe,
Maybe The Savior might finally shine His light on my path.


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