Dreaming A Dream

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Dreaming A Dream

Close your eyes,
Clear your mind.
As the darkness approaches you, look up on your destiny.
For your dream is being dreamed,
Control your feelings, talk with your mind.
No matter what is being dreams, you are the creator.

Dreaming A Dream

A Dream-and untold story that's born within time sequence,
The Creator-brings the stories and fantasies to life by choice.
Never-Ending Nightmare- based on guilt, pain, or indescribable words or actions.
Day-Dream- based upon the creators thoughts-ways to ignore or hide away from life.

Dreaming A Dream

When dreaming a dream, gives the power come to mind,
Sending signals all throughout the body.
Disturbing dreams bring one terror,
Enjoyable dreams bring one significant passion.

Dreaming A Dreaming

Is your dream, your mind might play tricks on you,
For instance, you dream a dream that might be incredible.
But your mind has a better idea-
To dream a dream of its own.

Dreaming A Dream

Open your eyes,
Refresh your mind.

Dreaming A Dream

The darkness has left,
Your destiny has been filled,
Do not worry, the dream was only a dream.
You and your mine had collided to create a story that has yet to be told by words,
Once told by words there's only one more thing to do and that's to start all over by.....

Dreaming A Dream


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