Can't Be Daddy's Little Girl

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I have tried and tried to be the best daughter I can for my dad so that I can feel that he loves me. I would go to my mom and cry because I never understood why he wasn't there and why he didn't care. For as long as I can remember I have had an unconventional relationship with my father, and it still hasn't been solved. My feelings towards my father remained hidden because of the fear I had of losing him to a standard that would result in depression. Until one day I received a call from my father about not calling him and how he felt in this situation. It seemed as if that was the last straw for me, I felt like my years of crying over him were over because I could stand up for myself and tell him how I felt. I no longer was soft-spoken and agreed with everything he said, at this moment I was stronger than ever. I was not the silent one on the phone the role had rotated in his direction. My father began to listen to what I was saying and how I felt for about forty-five seconds before I was interrupted for him to defend himself. These nineteen words finally made him hear me, "Daddy you have not heard what I have to say in twelve years, so now you can hear me!" That demand was the first demand to my father in my entire life I could not believe how confident I have become. Even though in the end my father could not see the wrong he has done, I still felt accomplished in the sense that I realized how I couldn't be "Daddy's Little Girl." I cried my last tears for my father on that day the only difference was that I cried courageously in my tears of joy.


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