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I picked up Mom’s ashes at the funereal parlor and took them home. My brother Donny was there. We’d have our little ceremony before we scattered her ashes.
Mom was Irish, a real lady, but she liked her Guinness.
Donny lit a couple of candles; I got out two bottles of Guinness and glasses. We set the urn in the middle of the table and prepared to drink a toast to Mom. I had a thought.
“Shall I pour a little in there for Mom?” I nodded at the urn
“Better not, or we’ll never get her out of there.”


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Image of Roger
Roger · ago
Dark, quick humour, a real gem. Well done. You might like my story 'Dia de los Muertos' it's a bit longer than yours but has it's funny moments.
Image of Ann Sutherland
Ann Sutherland · ago
Thanks for the chuckle!
Image of Bozlich
Bozlich · ago
Touching story, but humorous too