A Touch of Courage

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It was a beautiful Saturday morning, Lily had just gotten out of bed when her mom called her for breakfast. Lily was eating breakfast when suddenly she heard a noise. "What is that?" she said to her mom. " I don't know sweetie" her mom said back to her. Lily went outside when suddenly she saw a huge rock monster! Of course Lily was scared. Then, the monster saw her! She heard someone say " Lily!" She saw a man in a green coat and a red hat. Lily went over to him and he began to tell Lily all about what had happened. The man told Lily that he could not fight that monster alone, he needed someone with courage. The man said he needed Lily. Lily was shocked when he said he needed her, she didn't even know what courage was! Suddenly, without warning the man grabbed her hand and jumped out of the hiding place. Lily was worried she would get hurt! Lily and the man began to try to fight the monster, the monster was very strong! With team work and a little courage Lily and the man saved the town from the monster. Afterward the man explained how Lily used courage and what courage was. For the rest of her life Lily had courage.


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