Short Fiction

While We Breathe

Mountain Nose

One March afternoon in 1969 I was on the deck of a Chinese junk listening to the water clop against the wooden hull and enjoying a breeze that blew toward the South China Sea. The junk bobbed ... [+]

Short Fiction

Call It What You Will

Donald Ryan

The doctors, explaining the consent form, referred to him as an allergen. That’s the only reason he could figure they prescribed Claritin. Well, technically they didn’t prescribe Claritin, being ... [+]

Short Fiction


Jason Rickett

Another small town day, and he was still invisible. Further down the strip mall alleyway access where they leaned against the building, there were other invisibles, hiding behind their shopping carts ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Pinochle Game


It was 8 a.m. on an early St. Petersburg, Florida, morning. I always liked to get an early start on Saturdays. I grabbed my deck of Bicycle playing cards and a Beatles 8-track tape, “Sgt ... [+]

Short Fiction

Prelude to a Confession


Waiting at a lover’s door for courage to alight, who would think to call me a coward? For me, it’s wisdom that keeps me at bay, a nature well-versed in courtship and circumstance. In my case I ... [+]

Short Fiction

Weighty Matters

Carla Damron

Lindsay Watkins stood in line behind the usual covey of women who attended the noon Weighty Matters group. The woman in front of her removed a jacket, a scarf, her shoes, and a wristwatch as she ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Day Before


The day before, I woke up. Everything was still. The only movement came from the dust particles, floating through the filtered sunlight. There was no rush, so I took time to stretch my tired limbs ... [+]

Short Fiction

Twenty Pence

Edith Fox

They say God is dead. I reckon I agree with them.
“Please, sir?” The girl stood on her tiptoes, peering over the counter. Her pleading eyes pierced my heart. “Please?”
She was ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Ship


Alarms shrieking. God, how alarms annoyed Gerald. As if it wasn’t stressful enough as it was. As if the ship really needed to yell at him about the dire situation. He had a general idea something ... [+]

Short Fiction

Who Knew


The sun is just starting to set as he pulls my case out of the van. Behind him, a banner above the door to the bar proclaims “KARAOKE TONIGHT!” for all who drive by to see.
“Great,” I ... [+]

Short Fiction

Painted over Graffiti


The machine breathed.
Its chest rose, fell. Each hiss followed a gasp, each flap, a hollow thump.
The father remembered.
His chest rose, fell.
Tears chased smiles, each memory, an ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Invalid

Richard Risemberg

The room had become his world, for the most part. Two or three times a day he would totter to the little bathroom in a corner nook that had surely been a closet when the house had first been built ... [+]

Short Fiction

Here We Are

El Epps

Here we are, two strangers standing at a deserted corner, waiting for a bus to come, while knowing deep in our hearts that it will never appear. Only a dull street lamp illuminates our view of the ... [+]

Short Fiction

I'd Like to Make an Appointment?


It’s supposed to be easy. Isn’t it? You pick up a phone, dial a number and then... But it’s not easy. It’s not easy, because the phone has a full battery and you have everything ready to ... [+]

Short Fiction

When First We Came To America

Dan Hubbs

Troy, NY 1848
There was one day I was looking for Morrissey. It was around the time of his first bare knuckle prize fight. He hadn’t told me he had a job with a mule skinner moving some ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Fog of Courage

Annette D. Koch

It seems we search for small joys in peacetime, but need them more desperately in wartime. Surely the first spring flowers that end the gray days of winter will lighten many hearts. For others ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Governor’s Mansion

Will Haydon

The balmy evening sent warm air rushing through the open window of Garrett Roth’s F-150, joining with his fingers as they ran through his salt and pepper for the hundredth time since leaving the ... [+]