Text format

The author should submit an original story of 8500 signs maximum, including spaces. Texts must be fictional. All texts dealing with news or history, that are biographical, articles or essays, won’t be accepted. The texts can be of all kind: drama, romance, science fiction etc. Pornographic or erotic texts are not allowed.


The EIA short story project is limited to authors selected for this project. The author will have to create a short edition account before submitting. The author can use a nickname – it will be the name that will appear next to the title of the story.

Rights, Guaranties, and Responsibilities

Guaranties and responsibilities

The author declares on his honor that he is the only author of the text he submits, and that this same text is an original creation. The author declares on his honor that he has the copyrights on his text, meaning that he never transferred the rights to a third person and that the text has never been published before.

Copy and diffusion

The author gives the right to the organizer to reproduce, correct and publish his stories in the Short Story Dispenser located at the Edmonton International Airport. The author agrees that, in the very precise case of the EIA short story project, the publishing doesn’t lead to the payment of copyrights from Short Édition.

Selection et publication

Only the project leader of the EIA project can decide to publish a text evaluated as having a sufficient quality and which deserves to be published. He can also decide to refuse or remove a text without any justification. The author can also ask to remove his text by sending a demand thanks to the contact form.