Short Fiction


Gregory Fodero

I awoke and tried to open my eyes but found that they were taped shut. I couldn’t move my mouth, and my hands felt to be frozen in wet towels. An ache radiated from the wrists up to my shoulders ... [+]

Short Fiction



It was the kind of crimson-covered sole that coaxed me to go to the Shoeshine Man. Most of my needs were met by black cobblers around the corner from our church on Sixteenth Street but they knew ... [+]

Short Fiction


Susannah Cate

Joan feels remorse for having hated her toes most of her life. She inherited them from her grandmother, who had hated them too. Her grandmother had cried at the swimming pool on Joan's 11th birthday ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Waiting Room

Grace Freedson

The words in my textbook dance off the page in highlighted neon lines. I hadn’t made the highlights. They came with the book despite Ebay’s reassurance that it was in “good condition; like ... [+]

Short Fiction

America in the Sky

Bozlich B

I remember that day starting off ordinarily enough; there I was playing in the open field not that far from home, the sky azure with hardly a cloud blighting its face.
The lie of the land is so ... [+]

Short Fiction

Get Back On

Tisha Reichle-Aguilera

When Daddy’s brother, Uncle Edward, got a new horse for his fancy shows, he gave me his gentle old mare, Pearl, for my seventh birthday. I thought she was the best present ever.
“That’s a ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Knight In Gold Armor

Manuela Guerra

There once was a thriving village ruled by a council of elders. Crops grew strong, bellies stretched wide, and rivers were inviolable. Neighbors were allies. One day, when the sun was at its highest ... [+]

Short Fiction

Paper and Ink

Mountain Nose

She didn’t think herself a racist. She’d had black school friends, worked with black women at the restaurant, and watched Oprah daily.
But when her seven-year-old, white daughter brought ... [+]

Short Fiction


Richard Risemberg

"There's a likely spot," Chris said. He nodded in the direction of the highway bridge. The bridge carried traffic over a culvert and a utility road that led from a shabby warehouse district into the ... [+]

Short Fiction

I Married Alien

Mary Finnegan

“We are gathered here today to unite this...”
John Lennon's Imagine fills the magnificent cathedral with music understood by us all.
The only one willing to perform this legal ceremony ... [+]

Short Fiction

Maize of Color

Tony Martello

During the time of the ancient world in this land, the color was a gift of light granted to us to determine the vitality of plants, animals, and the weather. What our eyes would not see our ears ... [+]