Short Fiction


Conall Walsh

Of the over 5,000 numbers in the English language, it is the number 14 alone that has come to hold a special place in my heart. I’m not a superstitious woman, or a woman at all for that matter. I... [+]

Short Fiction

Swimming Lessons

Rachel Malmin

The liftoff is like an elevator.
You know that feeling you get when you’re going up? Like your stomach is getting left behind? It feels like that. Remember when we were kids and we were... [+]

Short Fiction


Sara Wilson

It had been nearly fourteen years, but there you were on my morning commute. On your way to work like nothing had happened. Both of us on our ways to work as if nothing had happened.
You looked... [+]

Short Fiction


Meredith Harper

The garbage can is full again. I drag it inside and empty it over the floor, adding to the foot of water already standing in the house. The bathtub and the sinks have been running nonstop fo... [+]

Short Fiction

A perfect world

Luc Dragoni

Outside the sun is shining.
A wonderful Spring has already begun, birds are singing and many flowers in warm and shimmering colors can be admired.
It’s a perfect world....
But fo... [+]

Short Fiction

Nocturnal Journey

Anduril ♠

The impact of the raindrops on the metal was echoing on the sides of the lantern hung on the fiacre. A stormy rain was raging outside, the deluge crashing down upon the roof of the closed carriage... [+]

Short Fiction

The Girl Who Lost Her Fridge

Tiziana L.

Yet it was there, right there, in the corner at the back of the kitchen.
Emma could not understand. Her fridge, which she had opened just an hour ago to take out a tub of blueberry yogurt, was... [+]

Short Fiction

A Canadian Journal


Bella had long brown hair that swayed behind her as she walked down the library aisles looking for some books. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye she spotted an old tattered burgundy journal one of... [+]

Short Fiction

Let's Take A Trip


Disclosure: This story was prepared for a Tall Tales speech contest. However, This is a true story about a real personal encounter with the supernatural. Read at your own Risk.
On a long summe... [+]

Short Fiction

On a starry evening


Isn’t it tiresome to watch the world and all the meager dwellings of man below? At night, you’ll see that even the most vibrant traces of life are dimmed. Is it particularly interesting, then, to... [+]

Short Fiction



Antiopa couldn’t breathe.
She writhed within the thin membrane holding her, unable to determine what was her and what had been her body, a thick soup which held her, constricting, and shifting... [+]

Short Fiction

The Spiral Staircase

RH Dorsey

“I can’t understand what you want if you won’t talk to me!” April stood in the middle of her bedroom looking at her husband Frank lying on the bed.
Frank pulled the comforter over his... [+]

Short Fiction

Journey To Gaia's Heart


“Finally. Finally. I found you my queen of the world. Gaia mother to all that is now and to all that has been. Your temple which has been lost for so many years has finally been found, I have found... [+]

Short Fiction

The white line

Rebecca Gwyn

That night I woke up with a start.
The phone, resting on the bedside table, marked four thirty-six.
I turned to my husband to make sure he was asleep and then I stared at the wall facing the bed... [+]

Short Fiction


RB Frank

“That’s my chair.”
The old man stood before the girl and adjusted the blanket draped over his arm. Mocha-schmocha something swirled around him and everyone else in the coffee... [+]

Short Fiction

Arrivals Unwelcome


I smell the spices on the skin of the young man in the window seat next to me, the acrid odour of fear permeating his shabby robes. Essences of unbelonging.
His anxiety unnerves me. I hate myself... [+]

Short Fiction

Washed Up

Lucia Depp

I sat on the shaking wooden bench of the ship watching everyone else dance and drink. All my friends made me go with them on this cheap “cruise”. In reality it was an old creaky boat the people... [+]

Short Fiction

A Dog's Gold


Mama used to tell me greed was for the dogs, but it went in one ear and poured from the other. Now look at me, slobbering all over this brown woolly coat of hair while barking at every creepy sound I... [+]

Short Fiction

Brian's House

Paul Ruth

Aaron cares for much less than hope could ask for. There is a leash tugging a collar of a tag with his name on it. There are the subtle communications he gives with a pull to keep me keeping up with... [+]

Short Fiction


Mollie Rosie

Kenny approached his midterm exam with all the confidence his older sister had whenever she paraded into a dressing room with size 4 jeans. It was the Monday after spring break, and Kenny's professo... [+]

Short Fiction

Colleen Didn't


Colleen sat in the window seat of the second row of first class, watching the jet bridge tremble slightly each time a passenger stepped from it onto the aircraft.
Four hours earlier, as she was... [+]

Short Fiction

The Way my Mind Works


The faded white of my bedroom walls filled my vision as I awoke in a cold sweat. The street lights outside causing me an uneasy feeling. No matter how many attempts I made to escape this hellish place... [+]

Short Fiction



The imagination is a wild and wonderful place. It helps you envision the world in a beautiful array of colors, sounds, tastes, textures, and smells. It helps you see the world like no one else. Even... [+]

Short Fiction

Bon Voyage

Karen Hydock

“I am here today to see you off. I myself am too old now for this trip, too old and too far afield from most people. I was mainstream once, back when my age was less than the number of countries... [+]

Short Fiction



It was the summer of 1944, nearly two years after the occupation began, when we received permission from the Office of the Military Governor to leave the city. As soon as my father had the official... [+]

Short Fiction

The Beginning


.......5 hours Earlier......
I was jolted awake by an incessant banging. My eyes popped open as I struggled to remember which day it was.
“Hey V, let’s go!” Marissa’s boisterous tone... [+]

Short Fiction

That Car


As soon as I go outside the cold bites every bit of my exposed skin.
“Two minutes away.” My dad reports on the distance of our rideshare.
I can’t wait to get inside. As soon as it... [+]

Short Fiction

Our Harsh Reality


The sound of the clock ticking was deafening compared to the otherwise silent room. The door, that had once seemed strong and resistant, now felt paper thin. The darkness consumed the furniture... [+]

Short Fiction

The Life Of A Balloon


I am a balloon. I am born without anything inside-Ideas, opinions, choice. As years progress I am inflated with more. I soar the more I am filled with knowledge. Eventually I am off the ground. I am... [+]

Short Fiction

The Shadow


For her, sleeping on the ground but ‘safe’ was enough for now. A reflex emerging from another time, makes her look for a small place a little high to install her alarm clock. She went out and... [+]

Short Fiction


Dannielle B

She already felt like a terrible daughter. She didn't call regularly. She didn't visit. She hadn't really spoken to her parents since she moved out. That was years ago. She knew her two younge... [+]

Short Fiction

Philly Sandwiches and Nuclear Tsunamis


Once upon a time, 11:30 to be exact. A decision was made. One that would change the course of history forever. Amadeus didn’t pick up lunch. Oh, and two hyper-nuclear reactors in the mariana... [+]

Short Fiction

Ever Crossed Dimensions Before?

A Bel

I watch my sister as she tries to hack her way out of the oppression we are facing. The footsteps in the hall get quieter. They are listening for her typing.
“Sis!” I hiss. “Type... [+]

Short Fiction

Stars in the River


“A healthy baby boy! Congratulations!”
Miriam looked up at the doctor and gave a forced smile.
The doctor sat down beside her bed. “You must be pretty tired.”
Miriam... [+]

Short Fiction

We Will Always Be


When I was in Grade Eight at Lakeview Elementary School in Regina, Saskatchewan, our teacher, Mr. Graham, used a miniature hand-cranked generator to demonstrate electrical current for us. We all held... [+]

Short Fiction

The Monstrance

The Muse

She summoned the courage to approach the altar, bowing her head to see the plaid of her skirt grazing red carpet. There, she heard the whispered calling of undulating silk robes and the mournful sighs... [+]

Short Fiction

Lilac And Oliver


In another universe, much like this one, lies a world where everyone has a soulmate. In this world, everyone is born with a black mark on their body signaling the first place their soulmate will touch... [+]

Short Fiction

Who’s Afraid of Vampire Bats?

Heloiza Barbosa

“My mom was bitten by a vampire bat! For real! Mom, please mom, tell the story.” My nine years old child insisted with pride. She wanted to impress her friends, as she had seen myself doing many... [+]

Short Fiction

The Feel Of An Olive Pit

Marie-Louise Mills

Her fingers are now knurled like the branches of an oak tree in winter. Those once graceful hands, united her with piano keys, and paint brushes to create an impact of her life and living is now a... [+]

Short Fiction

In the Water


It was a reunion of sorts. The eight of us had spent a week together the previous winter, sailing around the Grenadines on a time-share catamaran. It was Grayson and me, Ben and Alicia, and two othe... [+]

Short Fiction

The Cardboard Castle

Catia le Brit

It had been a mild Spring, Cool, gusty winds had kept the air feeling alive, fresh, almost disguising the lack of rain. The mild weather had not lasted. Weather-beaten faces looked to the sky, hoping... [+]

Short Fiction



“Why?” She screamed, “Why are you doing this? You know you don’t have to!”
“I know” I responded calmly in a barely audible whisper. “I know I don’t have to but it will be... [+]

Short Fiction

The Robotic Chaotic Catastrophe


The alarm buzzed, “beep, beep, beep, beep,” as the sun shone down through my bedroom window. It was a normal day, and like all normal days. I smacked the snooze button and I was up.
”Get... [+]

Short Fiction

Favors Undone


Yellow light pushes through old plastic domes on the ceiling. Streaks of rain on the window glow at the edges with color from a traffic light hanging outside the apartment. Red... yellow... green... [+]

Short Fiction

What They Don't Tell You About The Apocalypse


People think that living during the zombie apocalypse is hell. It’s really not.
Being dead is so much worse.
I've been walking for weeks now. I feel the stinging in my feet yet my... [+]

Short Fiction

The Only Person That Can Save You is You


9 am. The alarm bell rang and jolted Ashish out of his slumber. He was used to waking up at the crack of dawn as far back as he could remember. But now at this stage, he could have the luxury of... [+]

Short Fiction

Deja Vu


Have you ever had a feeling where you feel like something happened and it’s an ongoing memory? Like Deja Vu? Or kinda like nostalgia? Yeah me too. But the difference is that mine won’t stop. There... [+]

Short Fiction

Holographic Nursery Rhymes


Humpty Dumpty was described by his peers as a well-rounded, anthropomorphic sphere of worldly proportions. Over the years he had let himself go, sagged and gotten a little ellipsoidal—a bit eggy as... [+]

Short Fiction

The Ideomotor Effect

Simon Wood

While I wait for news, and now my hands have stopped shaking, I want to record the incident that happened tonight.
My parents had gone into London to see an opera and still aren’t back at... [+]

Short Fiction



We all wonder from time to time if there is truly someone out there for us. It's what they would call, "SOULMATE". When I was younger, I use to dream about when and where I would finally meet my... [+]

Short Fiction

The Pendant


I pick it up, stare at it and try. To forget what I had lost. To let go. It wasn't easy but I knew I could not hold onto something that wasn't there anymore. It all began a long time back. A time when... [+]

Short Fiction

Knights in Shining Armor

Rod Fruendt

Six year-old Douggie ran down the hall to his room to complete his costume, then dashed downstairs. He ran out the door by the building's telephone carrying the sword and papier-mâché helmet his... [+]

Short Fiction



Like an island in a vast sea of freshly mowed grass, it rose like up like a temple.  I wonder if it would be accurate to say that I worshiped that place. For the countless hours that I spent there... [+]

Short Fiction

A Lost Girl


A girl feeling so alone and out of this world, there’s no sense of hope. With her parents being dead and she being in the foster care system, the girl doesn’t have family. Emily is her name... [+]

Short Fiction


Rachel Evans

I. I once had this dream that a meteor was going to crash into earth and that we only had one day left. Upon hearing the news, my friends and family apathetically retreated into waiting rooms... [+]

Short Fiction

Steamship Adventure


It was 1946 and Jimmy was 12, and ready for adventure. He lived on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay and dreamed of someday sailing on one of the merchant ships moored in the Baltimore harbor, loaded... [+]

Short Fiction

One day I will ride a bicycle


Andy Green promised herself she would do three things when she got out of hospital. Throw away her crutches, take a hiking holiday and learn to ride a bicycle.
When Andy opened the door to he... [+]

Short Fiction

Out of Sight Out of Mind

Odessa M.

Once upon a not so great time, lived two small kids in one big neighborhood. Yes, I’m talking about a seven year old and a ten year old. Of course they had no idea that today would be considered... [+]

Short Fiction

Royalty Wears Purple

Not-Only But-Also Riley

Occasionally, it would be too dark. It wasn’t the intense shade of the sky that worried Julian though; it was the glaring hole in it.c The moon felt powerful when it was dark, like it could take in... [+]

Short Fiction

The Rite of Passage


Hiro couldn’t even remember the first time that Murai-san, took him out into the garden and walked him around the house, because they had done it so many times. It was one of the favorite times of... [+]

Short Fiction

Noiseless and Patient


Shhh. I won’t hurt you. No hiss, no pain, no second bite. See, only shhh. It’s a terrible ache, I know. The wrapping will comfort and warm you. Ensconced in my finest silk. I’ll remove it when... [+]

Short Fiction

The End of the Lemon Drop Kid

Mr Myles

The Lemon Drop Kid was out of Cincinnati. Tall, rangy guy with near white curly hair and pale skin, almost yellow which is how, I guess, he got his name. He had been in Joliet for armed robbery and... [+]

Short Fiction

A Boy and His Cat


Rudolph Jäger boarded the 9 o’clock to London. It was a dark night—with his coat flapping in the wind and his black cat at his side, Jäger seemed more Dracula than dancer.
Jäger was a... [+]

Short Fiction

The Box of Beautifuls


She opened the inside door cautiously. The old man stood on the stoop, in the unseasonable warmth and clamor of the November afternoon. Lean and unbent, he looked like an ancient villager in a... [+]

Short Fiction

The Dark Night


On a dark and stormy night a boy laid in his bed hiding under his space cover shivering and wincing after ever strike of thunder. As he lays still he hears a creek coming from somewhere in his room... [+]

Short Fiction

Bleak Rock


A single boat, tossed like jetsam in the huge waves, fought against the sea. Within it was a man possessed. A desire to find the irretrievable lured him to the lighthouse. It had taken months to... [+]

Short Fiction

Mary’s Choices


The phone is ringing again. I’m sure it’s Alice calling for the third time. I won’t answer. I’m not listening to her or any other sister tell me what to do. They think it’s their right... [+]

Short Fiction


Markie Paxton

The three little boys loved the big bed that their daddy had found discarded in the alley. They knew what it was and where it had come from and didn't care. They loved how big it was and how they... [+]

Short Fiction

Loop of superhero and nostalgia


Always, father was superhero for me. In my eyes, he had never lost his toughness, and his voice was always full of self-confidence. When I was young, he used to grill some sausages in backyard.... [+]

Short Fiction



She was a shapeless blob. A huge, shapeless blob. Her kaftan flopped around her gouty ankles. Her midriff was a Michelin tire – not at all resembling the sensuous pear-shaped form of the Earth... [+]

Short Fiction

Wanderer of the Enchanted Forest

King Blixer

The sun slowly peeked over the horizon, illuminating the forest. The old oak trees loomed overhead and the pines stood idle in the light. Mushrooms littered the floor, and they seemed to glow with a... [+]

Short Fiction

Always Choose Kindness


In the days when an ice cream cost much less, a 10 year old girl entered a coffee shop and sat at a table. A waitress put a glass of water in front of her.
“How much is an ice cream” ?... [+]

Short Fiction

Finding Johnny


Juniper’s pudgy limbs army crawled through the soggy mulch and rolled under the Palmerton playground’s dinky bridge to join Nellie, who was too busy sucking out all the jelly from her Uncrustable... [+]

Short Fiction

Our Primary Wealth Is Mental Health

Ken Brake

I was taught an important lesson at a young age, life is hard we must be strong. With that instruction I fought my way out of a small First Nation community to create opportunity. I pursued highe... [+]

Short Fiction

Soul Search


The clicking footsteps echo in the narrow hallways. Flickering lights cast an eerie glow, reflecting off the cheap linoleum tiles. Rusty wheels squeak under heavy gurneys carrying dead and injured... [+]

Short Fiction



My hands are sweaty.
So sweaty, in fact, that it feels like two shallow pools have formed in my palms, eager for patrons to take a dip in my fear. Beads of sweat are doing elaborate dives into... [+]

Short Fiction

The Souvenir


By late August 2005, the backpacker had seen nearly every great cathedral, famous statue, roman colosseum, fishing town, frescoed ruin and great organ that her Eurail pass could take her to. In just... [+]

Short Fiction


Jeannette Folan

David walked up to the kiosk and punched the 5 minute button. He waited anxiously as the machine spat out the long scroll of paper and wondered who came up with the idea for this contraption. When... [+]

Short Fiction

I loved you


I looked out my window to see a shadowy figure outside of my door. I knew in the back of my mind why he was there but for some reason I couldn’t make myself believe that this was happening. I hear a... [+]

Short Fiction

The Closet


We were running down the halls, my brother and I, racing to get to the bathroom. When he shoved me into the closet, I landed with a loud boom. The wind from my brother whizzing past slammed the doo... [+]

Short Fiction

The Golf Widow

Dream on

The red candles caste a flicker of light as the nurse went into the room and gave the patient’s wife a cup of tea and biscuits. The nurse knew the rules, but she ignored saying anything about the... [+]

Short Fiction

Final Destination


Frustration blended with exhaustion as my vehicle inched forward two feet. Construction had several miles of the interstate heading towards Memphis moving at a snail’s pace. Looking out the... [+]

Short Fiction

Peaceful Summer Days


Close your eyes. Listen. Listen to the waves, occasionally coming up to splash your feet as the ocean sings it’s a lullaby. And, listen to the serene swaying of the trees. Listen to the whispers of... [+]

Short Fiction



I had taken some time off and when I returned I found that I had been locked out. Somehow, I’d forgotten the key to my own place. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. I always am... [+]

Short Fiction



I fell in love with a girl in the arcade. A thin girl with her blond hair in a bob under a black hat, in a black dress and black boots, unlike the pretty girls in designer jean shorts and hightop... [+]

Short Fiction

5 Minutes


I wake up at 8:30 on a Sunday morning, the smell of waffles fill the house. I walk downstairs, my mom by the stove. The table is made all nice and my favorite breakfast is being made. My mom is... [+]

Short Fiction

Moon Vandals

J.R. Solano

A Message For The Future
July 4th, 2030
The Earth has officially run out of hope.
Where do you go?
What do you do?
Who will you be?

Earth, 2035
After years of fighting... [+]

Short Fiction

More than Meets the Eye


“Under the blood-red Moon, it towers over us. Without a voice, it makes itself understood. The front door, to the denizens of the unknown, creaks open...”
“Really, Phil?” David was... [+]

Short Fiction

On With The Show This Is It

Bill G

You know you’re a child of the 50s and 60s when you wake up on the morning of open heart surgery and all you can think of is the Bugs Bunny Show theme song. Couldn’t remember it all and had to... [+]

Short Fiction

Your Firsts


The hardest thing I will ever do is to let you go.
I’m thinking of holding you, your sweet weight in my hands so fragile-soft and impossible. New. Your eyes were the blue of the babies who... [+]

Short Fiction

Midnight Encounter

Azra Atiqka Md Rasid

One night, as the party at the campus’s hostel was slowly losing its vigor, I decided that it was time for me to call it a night. It was late, and I was lucky to be able to catch the last tram home... [+]

Short Fiction

I'm Sorry


Do you know how it feels to be replaced? Its like your heart is being squeezed. Like your lost with nowhere to go. seeing your friends laughing with someone else. seeing him with his arm around... [+]

Short Fiction


Amanda Bowes

It’s been eight months since I’ve known her. We met through mutual friends; our first date was at a coffee shop off of 15th and Grand. We sat at the window seat and watched the cars go by... [+]

Short Fiction

When the Sun Sets


It was a black sky that I saw when I finally put the pen down. There were times when I almost ended up asking myself why I did this, day after day. Why I chose to spend my nights in solitude, hunched... [+]

Short Fiction

The Black Abyss


I am floating through a black nothingness. I can’t see anything. It’s like a thousand shadows are covering me.
Wait, I think I see some light. What is that? What am I seeing? Is that my... [+]

Short Fiction

Bright-Ass Moon


I lost my job on a Friday, and I went home with this strange, weighted feeling about me.
Jim, my now-former boss, is a good guy. He let me know about the situation instead of just canning me.
It... [+]

Short Fiction

A Bad Day

Tina Dargan

An offensive beeping sound shatters my dreams. I could easily drift back to sleep again once the cacophony ceases, but the movement of My Love stirs my old bones to attention: the comforting weight of... [+]

Short Fiction



After having already died once, I had hoped that I would be less upset about the prospect of doing it again, but that has turned out not to be case. As I lay in this rather uncomfortable bed listening... [+]

Short Fiction

The Trees Speak

Josh Dale

The yard adjacent to his porch reeked of ragweed with every step he took. Gnats would alight from the prickled stems. He shook his head at the imprint his foot left.
“Growing fast this... [+]

Short Fiction

The Alpha


Once there were a group of teenagers in the woods looking for this mysterious creature called the alpha they heard about in the news while they were looking around they say glowing red eyes in the... [+]

Short Fiction

Glad To Be Of Service

Cathy Rebhun

I perched in my usual spot in the family room, listening to the sounds of the house flowing around me. In the next room Bailey’s nails clicked on the tile. She slurped from her bowl, lapping... [+]

Short Fiction

The Giant Wave


The dazzling, sandy yellow Brazilian beach stretched as far as the eye could see. The enlightened, fresh and cold sea was calm but there were giant waves.
I was holding my pale-blue surf-board... [+]

Short Fiction

The Leap

Brian Sweeney

To Whom It May Concern:
If you're reading this, then it means i've failed. More appropriately stated: I've failed to find the source of silence and the peace it brings. My life's work feels... [+]

Short Fiction



I can’t believe that I’m sitting here with man whom I was going to marry and I love my cat more.
Or do I? it’s not exactly loving the cat more, maybe its just understanding him through his... [+]

Short Fiction

The Great Race


Today was the day, there was no question about it. I was near the front of the exit and it was Saturday night, nearing 11PM. The doors would swing open for just a few seconds and I had secured an... [+]

Short Fiction

A Mission


I saw a man, a handsome man. He was with a boy clearly his son who may have been about 15 years old. The boy had the same features as his father though more delicate. He has fine blond hair and... [+]

Short Fiction

The Hunting


The slapping of raindrops...
For several hours it is the only sound he has been hearing, this heavy rain that from time to time hits the barrel of his musket.
He sits there, only protected by... [+]

Short Fiction

Double Booking


The taxi stopped where the road came to a dead end, at the cliff’s edge. The driver offered directions in a charming Scottish brogue. ‘The cottage is down there. Follow the path to the rocks.’... [+]

Short Fiction

Safe In A Bubble

Nancy Richy

“Arabic For Dummies”? The Qur’an? What the hell are these disgusting books doing in our house? You’re still associating with that .. that .. savage, aren’t you, Gloria? Answer me!”... [+]

Short Fiction

The Gift

Madison Corrine

He was standing on the roof of a house waiting for the opportunity to punish the naughty, ill-spirited family inside when he noticed him. It was what looked like a child clad only in a pumpkin-orange... [+]

Short Fiction

Night Terrors


The night terror reaches up high for just one bright star. The wind whispers a screaming tune, warning the stars to run. Every day Sun comes back and the stars go hide, dreading the next time Moon... [+]

Short Fiction

For Old Time's Sake


He knew he shouldn’t be here, and couldn’t find himself a reason to step in the house. He couldn’t find any reasons not to either. So, against his better judgement, he followed her to the doo... [+]

Short Fiction

Article Of Death

Justin Lambe

The sound of typing rang out throughout the New England Times newspaper office. Reporters knew stories had to be written before the companies annual Christmas Party, only two days away.
Mattie... [+]

Short Fiction

Ben's Christmas Surprise

Theresa Crockett

It was Christmas Eve, Ben’s favorite day of the entire year. He loved to help decorate the Christmas tree and watch his mom bake cookies.
“I wish more than anything to see Santa’s sleigh... [+]

Short Fiction

The girl at the bar


Her name was Love. She said it with a mischievous smile breaking on her face, like a joke, a trick. The trick certainly worked on me. She was the first Love I had met.
We met in a bar. She... [+]

Short Fiction

The Last Anniversary


Sylvia and Jeremy had the perfect life, or so it was thought by their friends and associates. They were super rich. They owned an ocean going yacht, as well as properties in Switzerland, California... [+]

Short Fiction

East Meets West

She stepped out onto the porch and shut the door behind her in a quick yank. A whoosh of air smacked her back like a wide plank of wood. She slightly lurched forward in a jerk of surprise. A dense... [+]

Short Fiction

Two Door, Water and Ice on Front

Geoffrey Steele

With nary a customer in the store, the woman leaned her butt against the sales counter, folded her arms across her chest and stared into the distance, bored by the insipid banter emanating from the... [+]

Short Fiction

The Everyday


And then I wake up. I have no memory of what I was doing, but I’m sure I hadn’t fallen asleep last night. That memory is important, something that deserves to be remembered. It’s gone now, no... [+]

Short Fiction

Little White Rose


The forest, beyond the first lines of trees, was black, empty. Or to some, full of beasts from a time long forgotten. Each tree held a story. Some had burgundy leaves with browns and dull greens that... [+]

Short Fiction



He brought a chair over to the fireplace. It was late at night and residents were supposed to be sleeping by this time. But he was smart--that was something the fog had not taken from him--he knew the... [+]

Short Fiction

Before I Fade Away

Alexander Smith

It’s 2 a.m., and so far, this has been the most unusual night of my life. I died at 11:03 p.m. of a heart attack. Just minutes before, the pretty lottery girl drew the numbers for the $657 million... [+]

Short Fiction

A Starry Night in Verona


I was walking down the street that seemed to only fit one car, going one way, when I noticed the small café. It had a couple sitting under the balcony with light the color of a dark yellow sunset... [+]

Short Fiction

Dancing on the Wings of Angels

William Thompson

For her, it was flying; for me, it was just falling. She loved it. But I didn’t know her then—I only heard about her life from other people. She loved to jump. She said it was like dancing on the... [+]

Short Fiction

A Mom's Story


“When did parents start giving their children everything and expect nothing from them? I hate to say it, but so many of them are disrespectful." Kelly sat in the parent's group with tears streaming... [+]

Short Fiction

You Talk Too Much


She hated to repeat herself. But much to her surprise she learned to love it. The rhythm of repetition remembers forgotten forgivens fondly. Not that she did it all the time but the occasion had... [+]

Short Fiction

Out of Sight Out of Mind


Once upon a not so great time, lived two small kids in one big neighborhood. Yes, I’m talking about a seven year old and a ten year old. Of course they had no idea that today would be considered the... [+]

Short Fiction

Code Gray


Hello, this is Liza, but that’s not important now. The calendar ends here. “ They” want to find us and hurt us. But let’s start from the beginning, okay?
One gloomy day, little Gretta... [+]

Short Fiction

1977- Skiing in Dizin, Iran


Everything sparkled. The sun, the snow, the air, white and clean and perfect. Beautiful.
Five minutes after we made the turn from the main highway, the road leading further north to curl... [+]

Short Fiction

Lost At Sea


Gasp! I struggle to catch my breath as I am tossed around the raft, gripping whatever sturdy object is closest. Where am I? Why am I here? Who are these people? My head is throbbing and my arms are... [+]

Short Fiction


Jeanne Althouse

I remember Christmas morning years past with the yellow canary flying around the living room. I remember the tree, smelling like evergreen in a damp forest, the hot chocolate and the melting... [+]

Short Fiction

After the Accident

Jeanne Althouse

After the accident they were at my grandmother’s house, my mother and brother and sister, my grandparents and my old uncle. They wandered around the house, keeping away from my mother, who had... [+]

Short Fiction

Mr. Thorne

Carli Wadas

The bell rang to end third period on the first day of school. I had one class left, English with Mr. Thorne. I met up with my friend Jeremy on the way to his room.
“Hey Stuart, are you going... [+]

Short Fiction

The Stuff of Life

Susan Ouriou

The fog that descended that day still clings to me. It followed me from intensive care, where the man I loved drew his last breath, to the morgue, where his body was reduced to ashes and returned to... [+]

Short Fiction

They Kept Coming


Devan often came to the pond when he was a teenager in the late fall or early winter. His father now allowed him to hunt on his own without his supervision, a privilege which he cherished dearly. He... [+]

Short Fiction

Manuel's Mother's Visit


Manuel, jolted by the radio alarm blaring next to his ear, awoke with a start. His arms jerked sideways, swiping the previous night’s dinner dishes off the coffee table and sending them crashing to... [+]

Short Fiction


Jane Suen

I didn’t feel any older today, but I was. The fading yellowed calendar hung from a bent nail on the wall, flipped to the month of July. The red circle around the number nine, like a bullseye, drew... [+]

Short Fiction

The chessboard of life


Gray, everything was totally gray, the railway steel cable, the trains passing by without seeing her, the subway, only one parked car, the sky above. A solitary universe of gray.
Like a piece of... [+]

Short Fiction


Charles Elin

Marnie liked melodies. In her city room facing nowhere, the routine was the same. At night, she sang naked out the open window. It was a way to get inside. A chorus, she thought, might feel the... [+]

Short Fiction



"And they lived happily ever after." With these last words, she set the pen down. Wearily, she rubbed gritty eyes and yawned.
Such bullshit, she thought, staring at another finished fairytale... [+]

Short Fiction

The Thief


"Baby, did you eat all those chocolates?"
A pile of wrappers swept out from under the bed stared at the child. She blinked and smiled beatifically.
"Not me, Daddy."
"Sweetie, if you... [+]

Short Fiction

Rush Hour Conversation

Peter Ryan

Chloe and Emily have been friends for nearly three years, they flat share, both work for the university, and share the journey into work - in Emily's car. Chloe isn't a morning person, but Emily has... [+]

Short Fiction

I Really Should Leave, But Can I?


For any casual onlooker, they painted an idyllic picture. Sitting close by, hands clasped, eyes locked - two people so in love with one another that they were blind to the world.
He held he... [+]

Short Fiction

Southbound Rail


Tony straddles the rail. “All aboard!” He straightens his conductor’s hat. Pumps his chubby fist just above his shoulder, “Toot, toot.”
Miles away, the westbound train’s whistle... [+]

Short Fiction

Second Monday


He likes me, but I don’t like him because his fingers are always cheesy. He pulls up his socks too high and is always breaking bones.
When he was in a body-cast I used him as... [+]

Short Fiction

The Mask

Hermit Thrush

“Nem, come here.” My mother bent down and held out a box. “You’re growing up, so I thought it was time for you to have this.”
I took the package from here and slid the lid off. The... [+]

Short Fiction

More Questions Than Answers

Tom Bennitt

Why does the concept of extraterrestrial life feel so alien? What if I told you that my father lives in Mars, a small town in Pennsylvania? Is truth really stranger than fiction? Are you certain?... [+]

Short Fiction

An Afternoon Nap


Jason asked his dad if they could build a tree house.
“That will be a lot of work,” Dad said. “Where should we build it?”
“Oh Dad,” Jason scoffed. “There’s the perfect tree fo... [+]

Short Fiction

Nothing is nothing


My good man, how much for that nothing?
Sir, that nothing is VERY expensive.
I’ll take it!
Sir, I mean no disrespect, but I am certain you cannot afford this nothing. Perhaps I... [+]

Short Fiction

A Girl In Disguise


I quickly walk into the Amal School for Children, with my mother’s words on repeat in my head, “The quicker you get inside the school, Zahara, the better.” I make my way to the back row of... [+]

Short Fiction

He Got Missing

Nwaokwu CBenard

When men and women in the Africa oil richest community, finding their own way to a poor power supply, and incessant fuel scarcity. These people deserve more than what they are getting from the... [+]

Short Fiction

Married to the Sea

Leif Gregersen

Married to the Sea
The 60-year-old Dellarae had been to nearly every port in the world, and she loved her sailors, perhaps even a little more than she should. Dellarae had a fondness for those... [+]

Short Fiction

The tipping point


I could feel the panic soaring in my body. Mustering all the courage I could pluck up, I soldiered on across the hallway with my head bent down, wary of making eye contact with him. Every second was a... [+]

Short Fiction



The thing you need to understand right off the bat is: this isn’t real. The world you and I live in. We’re in the Re-World, we’re on the do-over planet. For the Bretz, it’s a nasty world, that... [+]

Short Fiction

Let us blaze

Freya Morris

I’m burning. It started with a whiff. Everywhere I went people said ‘What’s burning? Can you smell that? Something’s burning.’ And I caught it. It wasn’t like cigarette smoke. It tasted... [+]

Short Fiction

The Girl from Cape Loneless

Fab Caleffi

Take heed, dear heart...
William Shakespeare
The last shining sun, flyin' over the sea, is going to celebrate a spectacular sunset at Cape Loneless. On the seaside, at the sand, a Gorgeous... [+]

Short Fiction

High Heels


She walks on high heels, her eyes cast down, determined, oh so firmly, to do the right thing. Her dress is ironed, and even though short, it nicely swings around her beautiful legs with each step and... [+]

Short Fiction

Hide and seek

Cila Warncke

Sixty-seven, sixty-eight... she’d be under the bed, shoving shoe boxes and scraps of clothing out of the way. Trying to make space. Trying to be smaller.
Seventy-two, seventy-three. O... [+]

Short Fiction

One Cigarette a Day Man

Chelsea Reede

Each day he wakes hungry and makes his way to the crossroads, where he holds a sign that says:
I’m hungry
anything helps
God bless.
People driving by give him their leftovers, hand... [+]

Short Fiction

One Puff of a Pipe


Why JP called his whippet “En-soi” was never known. He explained why he, an amateur, pollarded his own ash trees into terrified stumps, why he broke up with the woman in the gypsy skirt and... [+]

Short Fiction

The story of a perfect moment

Amanda Boucher

It has been a long day for all of them. Mo sits back in his armchair. The sky is filled with thousands of stars. Here on the hilltop, a bit out of town, he feel so much more in touch with God. "Dea... [+]

Short Fiction


Graveyard Frank

“There is a swarm of bees amongst the whales. Or at least I thought there was at first.” Dr. Pete Pistil paces, puffing his pipe, “I first noticed it recording mating beluga in Antarctica. Then... [+]

Short Fiction

A Family Decision


A few miles beyond Vasai Creek, the outermost boundary of Mumbai, Samanea trees had taken roots on a twenty acre, unclaimed, unoccupied plot of land. This place, near Kanjari village, was simply... [+]

Short Fiction

Problems of Poetry

Joe Lucia

His choices are stark: between a greater degree of fragmentation and incoherence – a further breaking down of the prospects for insight and understanding as commonly accepted – or a... [+]

Short Fiction

The connection house

Nwaokwu CBenard

On that Saturday night, like every other weekend in the connection house, with very few exceptions. Sunny Bonga stood at the door of the ghetto, he was looking handsome in casual black trousers and... [+]

Short Fiction

Baby Factory

Nwaokwu CBenard

Anthony rushed home, very early. He went to the bathroom. He did not heat the water on a cooking stove but simply removed his black trousers and T-shirt. The cold bath that evening felt good to him... [+]

Short Fiction


Winter Bel

Dalton met Lucy on the median of a Chicago boulevard, with an aggressive winter thawing around them. Both were in their late teens, but feeling older. Dalton had his hood up for warmth and his pockets... [+]

Short Fiction


Chris Stolle

Crescent moon began to hover over Lake Ponchartrain. Crescent City couldn’t settle down. It awaited a bombshell, a bold chartreuse, a legendary star ascending her own sky. Soon, Basin Street blues... [+]

Short Fiction

Sunset on the North 500

Robert Kibble

“We’ll have to hurry to get there and back and still make Keiss this evening. Quick photos this time.”
“We’ve already see two castles today, Dan. What’s special about this one?”... [+]

Short Fiction

Knock at the Door

Jason Rickett

After work, after dinner, the decompression of day sliding into place with the remote control and some movie offering on demand. He didn’t care which digital mind scrub landed on the television, as... [+]

Short Fiction


James Milne

I picked up Mom’s ashes at the funereal parlor and took them home. My brother Donny was there. We’d have our little ceremony before we scattered her ashes.
Mom was Irish, a real lady, but she... [+]

Short Fiction



I got out of bed
I never knew this day would have so much dread
I went to school
This day was anything but cool
I practiced for the test
I wanted to do my best
I came home from the... [+]

Short Fiction



As we make our ways to say goodbye,
All our memories will fly high.
Some will ask, “Why, Why, Why?”
Others will just give sighs and joyful replies.
Some might ask, “Are they... [+]

Short Fiction

The Letter C


When you look at alphabet you notice how the letters go A, B, C and D. I feel as though the letter B represents the way that you are born or your birth. It is a very bright and beautiful time. It is... [+]

Short Fiction

The Prince


Today, Monday of all Mondays, she slumps on the frigid bench without brushing off the deep snow. All that moves in this bitter air is her breath. His fresh emotional manslaughter swirls through he... [+]

Short Fiction

From Arequipa with Love

Cristina Bresser de Campos

Sitting on the grass from the inside of the flowerbed, as if the metal bows were there to protect her, not to prevent her from trespassing on the garden, she concentrated on the phone screen. A young... [+]

Short Fiction

A Protagonist


According to the first law of narrative dynamics, when two improbable events happen concurrently, they mean business.
At dusk, I was collecting Unc’s mail from the mailbox at the junction his... [+]

Short Fiction

Tears For The Girl Under A Bush

Annette D. Koch

Does a young girl’s life, like tufts of tumbleweed spiraling in a twister, fall apart in flight or can she land safely in the end? How many tears before tear ducts dry out? Will the endless... [+]

Short Fiction

Good-bye, Donny Osmond

Ann Sutherland

I showed my mother the Tiger Beat picture of Donny Osmond standing at his well-stocked, orderly fridge, his wholesome smile as bright as the fridge light. I begged my mother to fill our fridge with... [+]

Short Fiction

In The Last Second


Dark. That’s what I see now. My hands and legs, both, can’t move freely. Just my nose and ears that opens. Ticking of the clock and their swear starts feel familiar to my ears. Cold temperature... [+]

Short Fiction

The Edge

Tabitha Potts

There’s not much to do in the caravan park, and Mum says me and Alannah should go out for a walk, she needs to get on and make our dinner. Alannah’s been quiet all afternoon, sulking most... [+]

Short Fiction



He finishes his drink, and briefly makes eye contact with the man across from him at the table. He excuses himself and stands, giving a stiff nod to the men at the table as they continue thei... [+]

Short Fiction

An epyphany


“I want a divorce “, she yelled at him, while picking up the purse, and slamming the door before his perplexed eyes. That morning she woke up at the same time and did the same routine like every... [+]

Short Fiction


Danie Botha

The bow slipped from Amélie’s hand—the sheet music forgotten.
Eyes fixed on the stranger at the back of the crowd; crimson crept up her neck. She squinted at the brightness of the day. What a... [+]

Short Fiction

Dear Big Brother


Dear Big Brother,
The day I found the body was the day I got back from my first year of college. I came home expecting a welcome home party I assumed mother felt obliged to throw. She had... [+]

Short Fiction

Mrs. Tar’s Hat with a Bat


We heard the elevator coming down and both rushed to open the doors. It was about the time Mrs. Tar went for her lunch and my brother and I both wanted to get the tip. She always tipped well fo... [+]

Short Fiction

There's Always A Reason

Pam Torr

She took the short cut to the shops, taking a path through a small park. It was just starting to be spring and crocus bulbs were sprouting their purple tips to the world. She had walked this path... [+]

Short Fiction

Mere Poulard's Omelet


How did you find your wife or husband? What led you to her/him or her/him to you? The following is my story of how I met my future wife.
One day when I was waiting in the dental office, I... [+]

Short Fiction

Sixteen, again


You press the button on the machine. It whirs gently as the paper curls from the slot like a puppy’s tongue.
You gently hold the coiled slip in your hands. You scan around... [+]

Short Fiction

Say it like you mean it


Did I say something wrong? I don’t get it.
Well, I do get it. I understand I say things that people don’t necessarily expect. It’s been 4 years since the accident, and it’s taken me... [+]

Short Fiction

First sightings


“So, there I was, walking through the forest from Timmy's house. You know Timmy, right? He's in Mrs. Folsom's class. His dad owns the hardware store. Anyway, me and Timmy -”
“Timmy and I... [+]

Short Fiction

The Subaquatic Diver


For days at a time, he is underwater, although how many he can never be sure, floating just below where the sun or the moon or the crisscrossing searchlights of boats can penetrate and filter through... [+]

Short Fiction

Adorable snakes

J.M. Raynaud

Karl and Martha, two German scientists, work together in a research laboratory. Their work focuses on poisonous snakes, studying their most dangerous specimens in order to develop bite antidotes... [+]

Short Fiction

We will always have Casablanca

andriana minou

"Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, why did you walk into mine?"
"Because it’s yours."
I touched the cigarette on my lips; I lowered my chin and looked at him beneath... [+]

Short Fiction

The Circus

Dymos Pune

Dora Terra-Mangle was a lion tamer in Leeds from 1947 until May 15th, 1960. That was the day of the catastrophe when Dora, at home in her family caravan near the big top, dropped her thick green... [+]

Short Fiction

Swing Shift

Leif Gregersen

Peace, quiet, glorious peace, quiet, solitude, and so much time. Growing up with four older brothers had made the experience of working nights as a rentacop a welcoming and comforting change of... [+]

Short Fiction

Batting Practice

Bud Berkich

Dante got ripped.
"And that's deep to left center field!" Vincent said with loud excitement, as the baseball flew off of his metal Easton bat on a high curve ball by Dante that never curved... [+]

Short Fiction

Under A Blue Sky

Bud Berkich

Ignorance... bliss?
Kenneth Shippe was my grandmother Rita's first cousin. Kenneth's wife Olivia and he lived in a large, one-story ranch-style house in a small town called Maple Junction... [+]

Short Fiction


Sarah Beg

The contractions in my lower abdomen became very sharp and I doubled over with pain. Yet again, I willed my seventh about-to-be-born child to be a boy this time; “Please God please”, I prayed... [+]

Short Fiction



The cat came insinuatingly and brushed against her leg, leaving white hairs on her dark blue jeans. She stiffened and after a pause, gave some crumbs of her cheeseburger bun to the stray. Then she... [+]

Short Fiction

The Exposure Problem

Gwen Pregnall

“Cora Canalyl.”
“24, but I’ll be 25 next week.”
The interrogator nodded. “Now when exactly did your...” he said, searching his mind for a... [+]

Short Fiction

The Femme Fatal

Mark Kodama

I knew she was trouble when she walked in the door. The perfume. The lipstick. The low-cut dress. And most of all – the attitude. She was sin herself. I knew she was going to be my ruin. I... [+]

Short Fiction

From Two Worlds


What could be above the surface and why would someone even want to go up there? Humanity had learned to survive for hundreds of years within the dome communities that graced ocean floors across Earth... [+]

Short Fiction

The Toaster


I make toast - beautiful, browned bread, evenly crispy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside.
I made my first toast for you after you returned from your honeymoon in Detroit in 1947. I... [+]

Short Fiction

The Awakening

Keith Simmonds

Sonny Ramsingh was an only child born of Indian parents who came from India as indentured labourers. They worked in the canefields of a small and picturesque Caribbean island until they gained thei... [+]

Short Fiction

Why to Avoid Cliches Like the Plague

Jim Banholzer

Firm advice from an itinerant freelancer
Something was new under the sun in this Happy Valley of milk and honey when I tiptoed on eggs into the newspaper office. Knowing the jig was up; the... [+]

Short Fiction

The Curve


Wade Harmon died Saturday, driving his John Deere eastward on the back fifty. The tractor idled until it ran out of fuel, and when he didn't come in for lunch, Mavis walked outside and saw it, green... [+]

Short Fiction

Sorry for the Visual

Christopher Scott Ford

I nervously walked through the main entrance of the Parkway Nursing Home. The first thing that hit me was the smell. I can’t explain it except that it was sour. My newspaper bags were heavily loaded... [+]

Short Fiction

Dia de los Muertos

Roger Ley

It’s a Mexican thing. You have to be Mexican to understand the mixture of sadness, joy and resignation we associate with death. We don’t want to die, but we respect our relatives who have gone... [+]

Short Fiction

The Viewing

Sarah Beg

Aisha, come down the serve tea to the guests’, her mother called. Taking a deep breath and fixing her veil over her head, Aisha slowly went down the winding staircase. The guests were sitting in the... [+]

Short Fiction

The empty womb

Sarah Beg

The wind blew with a gust making the black veil slip from Saira’s head; she grabbed it tightly and covered her face, trying to make herself as inconspicuous as possible. Finally she reached the... [+]

Short Fiction

A Hilltop Feast


Behind the white washed villa stands a rugged barren hill and as you slowly walk up the incline you feel the sensation of clay, sand and silt trickling in-between your toes through the gaps of you... [+]

Short Fiction

Shape in the Night

Jack Green

I had been there for almost three weeks when I first saw her. It would have seemed sort of bizarre, I guess, if everything else about the place hadn’t been so strange. I suppose I hadn’t really... [+]

Short Fiction

Me Neither


They had taken a drive out into the far plains where the distances looked wavy and desolate. Her name was Abigail and though she had once loved him greatly, something had changed down deep. His name... [+]

Short Fiction

Why Bother To Travel

Susan Anthony

“Stop right there, Sailor. Sailor Sam here will pick up his own property.”
Nudged by the long menacing stick gripped in his hand, Sailor Sam was encouraged to pick up his own property... [+]

Short Fiction

Beneath The Skin


The mirror is an object of lies. As I stood in the bathroom looking in the mirror, I seen the lies through the piece of glass. I couldn't help but look at myself and see all my insecurities come to... [+]

Short Fiction

Detroit Airport 5:15am

T. Ray

Surly is what comes to mind when traveling through an airport in the early morning hours. 5:15am Detroit Metro surely fits the bill.
The old school clock radio, standard equipment in most... [+]

Short Fiction

The Grifter

T. Ray

Marcel started small cons to get by, improving his craft one step at a time.
He’s not a thief.
He’s not a robber.
He’s not a thug.
He’s just trying to get his spirit... [+]

Short Fiction

The Plumber and the Lizard King

T. Ray

Stirred from his sleep by the ringing telephone, the plumber lets out a sigh after glancing at the clock in this early morning hour. He had hopes for a quiet Saturday, maybe go to a movie after a... [+]

Short Fiction

Man of Inconsequence

Spark Boon

I have a trove of photographs from when the kids were small. I keep them in an old Hush Puppies box in the den underneath the cramped shelf where our old unused turntable sits.
It's a sad... [+]

Short Fiction

Stories from the Kruger Park


Every year, Koosie, every year we warns the tourists. Don’t get out of your vehicles. You can’t cuddle a leopard. You can’t caress a cheetah. Elephants don’t want you to pat them.
You... [+]

Short Fiction

Caregiver Burnout


I had just managed to sit down and make myself comfortable for the 6 1⁄2 hour flight overseas.
He was one the last passengers to board our Boeing 737 bound for Honolulu.
Red faced and... [+]

Short Fiction

Student and the Egg


“Why would you have an egg in your hand at school?”
“Why wouldn’t I?”
My sixteenth year as principal of Merriweather Lewis Elementary School was off to a swimming start... [+]

Short Fiction

Why did I get up that day?


Why did I get up that day? When I opened my eyes, I could only hear their disproportionate and incomprehensible screams. I thought about going to see what they wanted, but then I figured it would be... [+]

Short Fiction

Feminism For Dummies


I have two sisters.
Let’s call them Jill and Jane.
Jill lives in Manhattan and is an attorney in a prestigious law firm that represents people in show business. Jane lives in Brooklyn... [+]

Short Fiction

A Lesson from Jamie


His death certificate says rhabdomyolysis and kidney failure but what really killed Jamie was words, couched in two bromides available over the counter - You Can Be Anything You Put Your Mind To and... [+]

Short Fiction

A Train's Journey


I live in a train. I have food, warmth, a place to sleep.
I feel certain that I am its sole occupant, for if there were anyone else on it I would know by now, as I have lived in this train my... [+]

Short Fiction

You're the One I'll Miss

Sue Perry

The girl's tears are soakers. They never flow enough to nourish me but that is not part of our bargain. She confides the secrets no one else can learn. I help her as much as one can by listening... [+]

Short Fiction

Conversation Skills

Pamela Kenney

“Bill,” John said, in lieu of hello.
“John,” Bill replied, nodding his head.
“How are you,” John asked.
“Oh, the economy, you know.”
“Yeah, it’s not good... [+]

Short Fiction



I sat down. It was at the small square table. The chairs around me were completely empty; and the only thing in the room was me. I continued to wait. Something was supposed to happen — Something... [+]

Short Fiction

Lady in Red


I meet her in Starbucks. Starbucks in London. London, Ontario. She's sitting just inside the glass door, on the corner of Dundas and Richmond Street.
Let me take you into the moment. It’s a... [+]

Short Fiction

An Eleventh Birthday

Jennifer Lavallee

A tower of packages teetered back and forth in the Bunch family sitting room. Boxes of unusual shapes and sizes were piled high on top of one another, a great beast that hung over the room like a dark... [+]

Short Fiction

Wooden Sole


Her shoes glare at me as I wait on the couch for him to pour the wine. Though she is absent her shoes fill the room with her presence. Jay and Marina’s apartment is quiet, and lushly decorated with... [+]

Short Fiction



Gordato Paré lost the ocular part of his vision when he was nineteen years-old. Luckily, he had a gift for second sight. He might have been precognitive or maybe even a bit psychokinetic. I neve... [+]

Short Fiction



Before I was born, I wanted to be a photograph. At that time, I didn’t know whether it would be of my childhood, youth, or adulthood. Or of when I am dead. What mattered was that I had a negative... [+]

Short Fiction

Another 9/11 Tale


Allan Krantz walked up the driveway hoping to pick up the truck he’d placed a down payment weeks ago. His brow furrowed.
Old Tomas, sat in the shade of an open garage, his black and white borde... [+]

Short Fiction

Knit One, Furl Two


Darlene Brash retired early from education. Winning a lottery mega jackpot made that possible. Her friend Marcie Kilpatrick remained in the classroom. Wednesday evenings they met with the Closely Knit... [+]

Short Fiction



I happen to be in a fairly fragile relationship right now. My boyfriend – if I can still call him that - is way too decent and way too kind and way too loving for someone like me. I know I... [+]

Short Fiction



The first time, it’d taken almost 45 minutes and a full bundle of rags to get the grease off the mirror, the twine from the bundle wrapped loosely around his wrist, hand working in ever-widening... [+]

Short Fiction

Blurred Faces


When you first open your eyes, all you can see is the brightness. You don’t know what it is, but you feel your stubby fingers reach for that light. Pale clouds of cream dot your vision as you... [+]

Short Fiction

Number 23


You remember the ride, don’t you? It was heading towards the campus along Stevens Creek Boulevard. It was a short trip if you dismiss the waiting time but the wait was rather long. You couldn’t... [+]

Short Fiction



The road was filled with ruts and weeds. Whispers from the past could be heard amongst the chirping of birds, the buzz of jumping grasshoppers, and butterflies that dotted the wildflowers.
The... [+]

Short Fiction



We didn’t know he had Asperger’s then. He didn’t, and we didn’t. His parents hadn’t noticed, and what they happened to notice they medicated with anger, and Ritalin.
The late... [+]

Short Fiction

On My Last Living Day

Lennon B. Earles

I woke up on my last living day. Early, if you could imagine that. I figured losing a few hours of sleep wouldn't hurt, not today. I made coffee to drink on the porch step while the sun rose. The... [+]

Short Fiction


Mountain Nose

The word “family” conjures recollections: Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas around the tree, rented summer bungalows by the shore. I have those in my memory. But I have an added image: three o... [+]

Short Fiction



Behind an old building was a girl, crouched in between the alley wall and a dirty, snow-covered dumpster. She was tucked away from the cruel chilling wind. The girl, still just a child, shivered... [+]

Short Fiction

Strange Altars


Sitting at the black, wax-encrusted table in the back of the spiritual shop I felt foolish. I had wandered into the front of the store, as I always do when visiting New Orleans, looking fo... [+]

Short Fiction

Kool-Aid Man

Sharri B

It was a hot summer day and the fans Brian had in his room weren't helping at all. The curtains were covering his window which was slightly ajar but the air was warm and stuffy, making him sweat even... [+]

Short Fiction


Spencer Smith

I couldn’t shake the feeling that the funeral was for me. I’m not the best with details anymore, but I do know that I’m still alive. I think. I wore a baggy suit, dark gray with a navy blue tie... [+]

Short Fiction


Tim Ryan

Blackness was everywhere.
Well, okay, so maybe blackness was almost everywhere.
At the very least it was dark.
The darkness was quite complete. Except, of course, for those three points of... [+]

Short Fiction

Blue Beak

Tony Martello

When Pat grew up, he worked his way out of the glades to the Gulf by feeding on a variety of fish and vegetation but seemed to have the most luck with bluegill and blueberries along the waterways and... [+]