Short Fiction

The Locomotive

Chris Pais

In a world of flux and motion, he finally felt that his life of a hundred missteps was reaching an even keel.
In high school, he was a gifted athlete with a talent for sprinting. He felt a sense of ... [+]

Short Fiction


Lia Smith

Abigail flew out to Sligo Creek Nursing Home twice a year, to visit Lucille, her mother-in-law. For these four-day trips, arriving Sunday via a red-eye flight, Abigail made arrangements ... [+]

Short Fiction


Doug Henderson

After rushing to catch her train, all Laura wanted was to close her eyes and zone out. She was late for work and people were crammed onto BART, but she managed to find a spot near the door where she ... [+]

Short Fiction


Astrid Casimire

"You look like my daughter," the man on the bus says.
I turn my head politely. "Oh, thanks."
I'm unclear on whether it's a compliment, but why else would he be smiling like that? His arms are ... [+]