We're looking for a tasty tale...

From September 30 to November 1, take part in the Penn State Short Edition fall contest. Submit your short story or poem to have the chance to be published in our Penn State Short Story dispensers across the Commonwealth! Nothing is easier: read the rules below and submit your short story or poem.

Our fall contest theme is:

"Brunchin' Around"

To be accepted, your short story or poem must be significantly tied to this theme and be vetted by our Short Edition Editorial Board.

Brunch has been an important weekend tradition. It's a meal that combines the best of breakfast and lunch together and can span for hours. We want to know what happens during brunch or the results of a lively brunch discussion. Show us the many ways brunch can play a role in your submission. For example, what would brunch look like in space? Or a brunch in the wilderness? Brunch with strangers you just met? What about a never-ending brunch? Let your imagination run wild with this prompt.

Submit your best short story or poem that includes brunch as either the setting or an element of your submission. As a reminder, submission lengths are:

  • Short story (maximum of 8,000 characters including spaces)
  • Poetry (maximum of 6,000 characters)

Submit your work by November 1 to be considered. Stories and poems accepted by our Editorial Board will be published on our Short Edition website and the public will be able to vote for their favorites. Five winners will be chosen from across the Commonwealth and each will win $100 and have their story or poem published on our dispensers. Honorable mentions will also be chosen and those authors will also have their story or poem published on our dispensers.

Questions about this contest can be direct to Hailley Fargo, Student Engagement Librarian, hmf14@psu.edu