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TheFALCON, ago

Oliver James was losing his senses, plunging through a glassy ripple that he could see no end to. Panic filled him as he tried to reach back towards the world from which he came, but it was no ...

PSU The other side
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sonya, ago

The sun is shining like a blazing fire upon the town today. Everyone is trying to keep cool by hydrating the body with ice, cold, frozen water. Others were jumping into the large crashing waves, ...

PSU The other side
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The Boogeyman is real, and he's nothing like you think.

He stalks the dark side of the planet, terrorizing the colonists of Shaden, leaving nothing but scorch marks in his wake.


PSU The other side
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Every Day

Bekionist, ago

I look into the bubbling purple ink, it glitters as I push it around the cauldron. The cauldron takes up most of the small kitchen. Cerin is sitting on the counter by all the bottles shaped like ...

PSU The other side
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Slimy Horizon

nicbates, ago

I dreamt of smells; gasoline and skunk, as stressful drops surfaced the humid summer night. Heart palpitations, neurotransmitters firing utter excitement. This was out of an action movie, just ...

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Head Like Straw

dkozar, ago

Lights of red and white strip past, keeping the night alive. It is cloudy, the moon useless. I left my hat at Anna’s apartment last night, so I am on my way to pick it up. She lives in a tall ...

PSU The other side
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Midnight Sun

Kore, ago

The air was crisp and clear, no smog that seemed to fill the city. Moonlight softly filtered through the branches and the few leaves that still clung on instead of falling to the forest floor. All...

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I know what it’s like to see the sun. To be in the presence of it, to see the crispness of objects and the living without the aid of a lamp or a candle. The sun doesn’t feel bad against your ...

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