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Murder Before Morning

Nicholas Houck, ago

The night was damp,
The residents were asleep,
All except one boy,
Who down the stairs had to creep.

The clock struck eleven,
He was supposed to be in bed,
But what he really wanted ... [+]

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Fall Colors

Mojdeh Keykhah, ago

Sharp edge on red

Fly from a Japanese maple

Two jagged entries in the swirling pond of leaves

Line up twenty paces on the wind plank

Make the leap to the ground

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The Bluebird

Amanda Clark, ago

She embarks upon a journey across the silent sea, no land in sight. Waves move subtly below her, sending ripples across a vast expanse of blue. She is one. One with the sky that rushes through her ... [+]

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The Journey of This Generation

Tracy Green Clark, ago

Science is a spirit
Floating effortlessly
Peacefully calm
Above the autumn morning pond

We tried to contain her
To fact and figures
Theories and formulas
To prove ... [+]

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Standing Ankle-Deep in Water

Roxanne Halpine Ward, ago

Standing Ankle-Deep in Water

Lake of the Woods, Michigan


A lot of things are happening right now, 

in this water. Lily pads with actual lilies

floating just beyond my ... [+]

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I'm having Brunch in the mountains cant you see?
Granola and berries
with a flask filled with hot tea.
Breakfast and lunch
Add a side of landscape and serenity.
Pass the tranquility i'll ... [+]

Runner up - Jury Selection
PSU Brunchin' Around
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Each weekend lets us think, begin
To let each person settle in.
The newspaper is thick and thin.

At brunch, the pages crunch; we learn
About the world at every turn.
Homework awaits; ... [+]

Runner up - Jury Selection
PSU Brunchin' Around