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I was surprised to be having a mental breakdown in the bread aisle. It wasn’t really the mental breakdown that was surprising, and it definitely wasn’t the bread, but there was something about... [+]

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PSU The other side
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Morning? Already?

I don’t even know why I bother asking myself that everyday; every morning is greeted with the same, rhetorical question. It may seem like I’m whining, and you ... [+]

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One time when I was 11 years old I was sitting in my room getting ready to sleep, and I heard a loud thud coming from my closet, which was on my left at the time. I ignored it at first, thinking ... [+]

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Wake up, make yourself look nice.
Walk into class, non-stop hustle.
Work hard on each assignment and make sure you at least get a C.
Everyday .
Get to work half ... [+]

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Why did you not look at me
When I cried
Why did you not answer me
When I called
Why did you not come
And today, what happened
You told me turn the other ... [+]

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The children wait for the slow-moving carousel;
as their parents watch, idly on the side.
The children climb on, to the sound of the bell.

The carousel slowly edges forward with ... [+]

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Are these lovely thoughts a memory,
or just thoughts posing as one?
Memory is perhaps a traitor,
but my age, it is a kindly one
when it brings a summer afternoon,
moments of ... [+]

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Penelope nestled against the pillows on her bed, pretending not to see the stack of cardboard boxes stacked in the corner of her new room. Their jumbled contents could be dealt with in the ... [+]

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PSU Lost and found