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There was a happy family that lived on the small island of Martinique in the French West Indies. The family consisted of 5 sons and their parents, and they were living in a simple house in a ...

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PSU The other side
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I chose not to cover my struggles
I chose not to disguise my bruises
I chose not to hide my flaws
Now, I walk with strong, upright strides

My eyes open wide like the suns...

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I walk out the doors of the big building where I spent my morning with students. My class is going together, I’m walking with my best friend Tessa. We hit an end, wait, a cross walk? This is ...

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"How did we lose?"
"This isn't fair"
"What am I lacking?"
"Why can't I win?"
"Am I not talented?"

After losing the Colorado High School Basketball Championship, a ...

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She is my very first.
Her silver skin sparkles as if she is a diamond.
Her leather interior had that just-off the showroom smell.
Her boxy stature lures me in
as she fades into the...

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Have you ever thought about the value of things around you?

Have you thought about opportunities that you have missed?

Have you thought about leaving life?

Or about ...

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Before my car spun out on the highway ice on the way to Chicago, slammed against the railing, and I found myself looking at the oncoming traffic of I-80—I used to spend a lot of time driving at ...

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As he keenly listened, her eyes filled with tears. A spontaneous embrace emerged. They shared nothing. Or, at least that’s what they thought. Not just the red bodily fluid nurturing their ...

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“What do we do now?”
“Put him in my trunk,” Dean said.
“Are you sure about that?”
“ Get his legs, Kev.”
Without hesitation, Dean bent down and was ready to get his...

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The kids around here talk of a house that’s haunted at the end of the road. It’s a justifiable assumption; one look at the abandoned, ill-tended house sends shivers down the spine. The plots ...

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The journey begins. Squeezing my head, then torso and lastly my legs as I push through the paint-chipped bars of the rusted gates that are meant to keep them in and us out. But I break through. ...

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It was the spring of 1978, and the room 21 was ready to receive its new guest. That afternoon, a red hair girl had brought her grandmother. I did not see the tears, not even a little of sorrow. ...