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And so, the afternoon began with two young girls arriving around 4 p.m. They were somewhat chubby with breasts sticking to their T-shirts. I thought that they were 14 years old but they were ...

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PSU The other side
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Abbadon, ago

Reflecting pools caught the dying glimmer of the sun. Rebecca watched the light reverberate and shift along the ripples caused by the evening wind. Desmond stood silently beside her, slowly ...

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PSU The other side
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You wade to the other side of the stream,
where the water has softly spreading circles
from trout slurping insects floating along.

It is there you wanted to be
with the sun on...

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PSU The other side
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Abbadon, ago

“The Soviets destroyed this place, and you helped them.” The Kazakh fisherman replied sternly to the representative currently standing on his front porch.
“You drained the water and ...

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He would have to settle for an unmarked grave, if you could call it that, and his bleached white bones, stripped clean by wild dogs in a dry riverbed on the outskirts of Kabul, not unlike the one ...

PSU New beginnings
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Allison Midgett, ago

How does one god kill another? I contemplate this as I sit perched on my web, tucked beneath the shadow of the birdbath. He makes his rounds, scrupulously inspecting each row of tulips before ...

PSU New beginnings
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Her nose knew this smell. The people. The men. Men. Men took the trees. Men made them hot and orange. Men would touch the trees to make them glow in the night. The trees began a new life that ...

PSU New beginnings
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Erica Johnson, ago

Light peeks through the stain glass window in front of our small crawl-space attic, creating rainbows on the walls in our living room. I stand at the front door overlooking the sunlit street that ...

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PSU New beginnings
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The Phoenix

J.P., ago

I stare at the sky and all of its colors and shades, lights and darks, reds and yellows within its deep blue. The sun elongates the shadows created by my body and my black ‘77 Trans-Am parked on...

PSU New beginnings
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Midnight Sun

Kore, ago

The air was crisp and clear, no smog that seemed to fill the city. Moonlight softly filtered through the branches and the few leaves that still clung on instead of falling to the forest floor. All...

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Content warning: This story contains references to depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts.  

Leo quickly hid the scratches and ran to the locker room. Panting, he took off...

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Technology has brought this world so many marvelous inventions and advancements. From the cure to cancer and world hunger to the spaceships traveling far out of the galaxy to colonize on new ...

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